US Bishops Launch Marriage Website


The USCCB has launched a website to help couples maintain a healthy, happy marriage.

I have not look at it in-depth, but I think it’s great that the Bishops are using the internet medium to reach out to those who are engaged and married to help them foster a life-long marriage.

:extrahappy: Go Bishops!


WOW! That site has some really great information on it. I love the social sciences (especially courtship/marriage/family), and this website is awesome. Thanks for sharing it, 1ke!! :thumbsup:


Very exciting! I just heard last night about the pending divorce of a lovely Christian couple (Lutheran) who I never in a million years would have pegged as having that serious of marrige troubles. Marriage is under HEAVY attack by the devil and we need all the help we can get!!


Glad to see this I hope they develop it further.


If you have any way of reaching them pass along the following website .


Cool, that’s great! Thanks for sharing the info!


1ke, thanks so much for that site!! I found many things that can help me with my mixed-marriage, in fact, I already ordered literature that I found on there!


I am passing this website on to our engaged couples that we are preparing for marriage. Thank you for this link.


That is awesome… I love the commercials!!! I would love to get involved with a project like this but I noticed there isn’t a webmaster feedback or any other email address on the site… I hope they add one!


Found a link to a page that had the email address on the USCCB website…


the link apears to be broken?


Which link are you referring to?

The link to the new website appears to be working just fine. I just clicked on it.


I like the “What have you done for your marriage today?” videos. it allows people to listen to the answers and decide if the things that are done are “enough” or “right” and if the person listening needs to apply them to their marriage or step it up a notch and really get serious about conciously nurturing the marriage.


The USCCB website is fantastic!

I would also like to recommend, for those who have not visited yet, my forum for Catholic Brides (married, and engaged!) We have a small but friendly membership, and would always love to have more Catholic Brides!




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