US Catholic hierarchy shows support for legislation requiring massive tax hike [CWN]

The US bishops have given their enthusiastic support to the Waxman-Markey bill, a piece of legislation designed to address climate change, which Republican opponents have characterized as entailing “the largest tax increase in American history.”

The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 proposes a complicated series of schemes known as “cap and trade,” ultimately imposing taxes on the carbon-dioxide emissions that are cited as a major factor in global warming. Even before the 1,200-page legislation was made available to Congress, the members of the House of Representatives received a letter from two leading representatives of the American Church, giving their strong endorsement for the bill.

Bishop Howard Hubbard, who chairs the US bishops’ committee on international justice and peace; and Ken Hackett, the president of Catholic Relief Services, welcomed the introduction of the Waxman-Markey bill. They criticized the legislation only because, in their view, it did not include adequate funding to protect the poor-- in the US and abroad-- from the bill’s economic impact. Bishop Hubbard and Hackett argued that “the funding resources committed to international adaptation fall fundamentally short of what is needed.” Their letter also suggested measures to protect churches and non-profit agencies from the adverse economic effects.


Two bishops is not the same as the “US Catholic hierarchy”. Let me know when the USCCB votes to support this legislation.

I think they meet again in November. :slight_smile:

This is why I am saying the USCCB is clueless, and I am ashamed of Bishop Hubbard and Ken Hackett. You know neither of them ever read this bill considering their only concern was “assistance to the poor” when this bill has nothing to do with it. If anyone is interested, I emailed the Catholic Relief Services website to let them know I am never giving a dime to them.

Yes, the misleading headline of the CNS news release which is provided as the title of this thread is very unfortunate. This Catholic News Service article is based on what two individuals said. One of these two individuals who showed such support is rather the head of the Catholic Relief Services. The other individual quoted is a bishop, who spoke as an individual. Committee position statements of the US Catholic Conference must be approved by the body of bishops at one of their meetings before it can be released and this one it would seem was not, nor is it an official statement
I once worked for a newspaper and some other staff member sometimes put in a headline I had not provided, and so perhaps this very misleading headline was put in by some unknowable staff member who may not even have understood the article.

One source said that the electrical rates could go up as much as 90% in the next 5 years, along with groceries and gasoline. I wonder who will be able to afford to put money in their annual collection? In our diocese, (toledo, ohio) the annual collection was less than half of last years, due to high unemployment. (17.1per cent in our county). This is quite a price to pay when they support another bill that very few have even read. So much for transparency.

I agree with you that the headline is misleading, however the article was issed by Catholic World News (a private company) and not the Catholic News Service (which is connected to the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.)

This has the potential of ending the working class and lower middle class as we know them to be in 2009. The cost of energy related things (meaning everything) will go up and force many to look to government or charities for help in survival.

I think this bill will be Obama’s undoing. If He makes the enemployment rate go up any more we’ll have the republicans in charge once again. I hope it passes and really makes things worse.

If all the Catholic bishops were supporting this bill, I’d be supporting it too. But I can’t stand taxes and I definitely don’t want a huge tax increase. That said, I think there are better ways to address the environmental problems we have.

It seems the USCCB does support this legislation. :shrug: Seems to me that it may do more harm than good.

As has been pointed out in another thread, the headline doesn’t match the text. The article says one Bishop and the lay head of CRS expressed support. There may indeed be more Bishops in favor of it but it’s a big stretch to translate that into “the USCCB”.

Here comes $10/gallon gasoline!

I’m going to miss driving. I went to Poland for vacation over a decade ago and one of the things I missed most was being able to drive myself. Now the USA will be where Poland is now: the vast majority of people not being able to afford to drive a car.

Yes, just because two leaders sign onto board doesn’t mean the entire USCCB will do so. There are at least 250 Catholic bishops, and even though 56 of them took a stand against President Obama’s speech at Notre Dame, this didn’t mean that the entire USCCB took a stand against Obama’s speech.

In the case of Notre Dame, the USCCB backed up the statements of the individual Bishops with an official statement of “appreciation and support” for Bishop D’arcy and his concern at Notre Dame. When and if the USCCB makes any official statement or resolution regarding this legislation we can compare the two situations as equivelent. :wink:

The hierarchy doesn’t seem to “get it” - higher taxes = less in the collection plate. How long before dioceses in the U.S. go broke?

Not only that, heating and electricity costs will go through the roof.

I’m going to miss the Catholic Church in America. Heck, I’m going to miss America.

These men are liberals, not Catholics. Wolves in shephard’s clothing.

The only problem with that theory is that long after Obama leaves office in 2010, we will be stuck with the bill ($11Trillion and rising) for all his socialist ideas. It may be impossible to ever pay off the damage being done by our “elected” representatives this week!
Energy cost will soar, jobs will go overseas, unemployment soars, tax base drops-even though the taxes have been increased, more government subsidies (debt) to “pay” ever more unemployed workers who then use the money to pay the taxes (back to the government) levied on them. It is the most fantastic circular logic scheme driving this legislation, and the powers that control our lives seem to be revelling in the fact that we will be ruined while they, the oligarchs, will still live comfortably. Trule evil is upon us at this hour!


I can understand your political disagreement with the two bishops, but why would you say that they are pretend Catholics, “wolves in shepherd’s clothing?” It seems a rather extreme thing to say about a couple bishops.

Originally Posted by matt1985
I think this bill will be Obama’s undoing. If He makes the enemployment rate go up any more we’ll have the republicans in charge once again. I hope it passes and really makes things worse.

I don’t know about that. Newt Gingrich looks pretty good at this point…

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