US Catholic voters lean toward Clinton, survey shows [CWN]


American Catholic voters lean strongly toward Hillary Clinton in this year’s presidential contest, according to a new Pew Forum survey.



A Zogby poll found most Catholics supporting Trump. The Pew poll found most Catholics supporting Clinton. Which is accurate? Or are these polls different because Catholics are changing their minds? In the Pew poll most weekly Catholic church are supporting Clinton? I know Trump is an unconventional candidate, but that poll number is just weird to me.


Hard to know. But almost certainly the following is true:
-White Catholic majority favors Trump
-Hispanic Catholic majority favors Clinton
-Possibly this makes the majority favor Clinton taken together.
-Possibly any poll of this sort can be skewed depending on who really considers himself Catholic and where the poll is taken.

Regardless, it’s no small scandal that even a significant number of Catholics would support the most abortion on demand promoting person ever to run for President and who seriously said they would have to “change their religion” to accommodate abortion.

Appears many already have.


And it’s no small scandal that even a single Catholic would support the candidate most anti church teachings on social justice, and with his own questionable moral actions.

But it appears more than one has.


Social justice begins with a right to life.


Did the survey ask if they also go to church regularly, know the ten commandments, believe there is no right to kill a baby in the constitution and wants the borders secured?


What anti-Church teachings on social justice does Trump espouse? No generalities or conclusions, please, just specific facts and specific teachings.

And what moral actions has he done that are condemned by his own church?


Social justice BEGINS IN THE WOMB at conception.


Fact is neither major candidate looks good from a Catholic perspective. Who that leaves you to vote for I’ve no idea, but no one can say with a straight face that either candidate represents traditional Catholic values, not when one supports abortion and you’ve got the Pope chastising the other for his less than Christian views on social issues.


Historically, the majority of Catholics in America vote for the person who becomes POTUS. I see no reason that this fact should be different this year.

The chart here under Presidential elections is very interesting:


The next President might nominate three SC Justices…that alone is enough to steer clear of choosing Hillary. Trump may be a very imperfect person and candidate, yet his SC picks are not going to be the same that Hillary will make, and whoever makes those picks will set the direction of this nation for at least 30 years. The truth is, the SC has been the one body that has brought us the most change–we have to remember that.


But roo many lose sight of the fact that life is more than just birth.


At life continues after birth…when life is not treated with the same respect as birth, soc I al justice is denied.


Torture (his support of water boarding) is not supportive of Christ’s command to love our enemies, for starters…
But you are on to something…that might not be required by whatever religion he claims as his own church


But if life is not respected in the womb, there is no social justice for the born, either.

I support a woman’s home for women escaping domestic abuse or forced abortion, started by a wonderful priest and run by our local diocesan social services.


My guess is the Obama Catholics will largely be Clinton Catholics, except for white working class Catholic voters (and me!). But I did read somewhere that this very group is ironically a part of the swing vote in many key states. (white Catholic - working class) I agree that this support goes to Trump. My sense of these polls is that not much has changed since recent elections, but, again, I do think if anyone does tip it for Trump it could be this very set of Catholics. Reagan Democrats they used to be called.


And Clinton Catholics (wrongly but undeniably) feel confirmed in their political ideology by the statements of Pope Francis. It’s common knowledge that Benedict XVI, if forced to choose, would prefer a smaller but purer Church. Pope Francis seeks a big tent Church and speaks and acts accordingly.

It’s frustrating that Francis keeps his admirable orthodoxy hidden under a bushel basket while attempting to attract even more liberals to the Church. The Barque of Peter, all over the world, already is loaded to the gunwales with liberals to the point that the Faith has all but been lost in more than a few countries.

In America, the world’s best hope for the survival of an above-ground Church, it’s my guess that Clinton Catholics, Socialist Catholics:rolleyes: and pretend Catholics constitute 75% of Catholics.


No Catholic should vote for Hillary Clinton. Liberalism is incompatible with the Catholic faith. It frustrates me to see fellow Hispanic Catholics voting for Hillary Clinton. I wish that priests could officially endorse candidates or at least tell the congregation to not vote liberally.



I’ll definitely be pulling the level for Clinton. Though I preferred Sanders.

And I think I’d guess about 5% of my parish will be voting for…Trump.


If Pope Francis feels that this a time for many more people to come upon the Ark of the Church for the sake of their souls, then he will use honey to attract as many as he can.

Not saying that’s the case–but…

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