US Charges Huawei With Conspiracy to Steal Trade Secrets, Racketeering

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Federal prosecutors have charged Chinese tech giant Huawei and several subsidiaries with conspiracy to steal trade secrets and violate anti-racketeering laws, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced on Feb. 13.

These charges are in addition to previous charges on Huawei relating to violations of U.S. sanctions on Iran in an existing indictment.

The latest charge of trade secrets theft relates to alleged “decades-long efforts” by the company and its U.S.- and China-based affiliates to misappropriate intellectual property (IP) from other companies—including six U.S. technology companies—and use it to grow Huawei’s own business, the department said. Such practices also amounted to a conspiracy to violate the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), it added.

This all sounds very serious.

I imagine this is retaliation to Huawei’s suit against Verizon. So far 12 Chinese patents have been infringed. I would expect more.

Though, I don’t want to be dramatic and say “world domination”, China does want a lot of domination or influence. Shown in the Belt and Road initiative. We really do need to be cautious. We see how they handle religious groups and this current virus that apparently, comes out of that country.


Anyone who does business with the Chinese does so at their own peril. The government and business practices they use are shady and underhanded as a matter of policy, not mistake or the result of a few bad apples. They view business as another front of war against other nations they seek to dominate.


You want to tell this to the 60+ countries who are buying Huawei 5G equipment? The U.S. has reason to try to thwart their plans as the U.S. is far behind in its technology, further exacerbated by AT&T purchase of Time Warner leaving them with tons of debt.

Here’s another article to your point.

China has no rule of law. It’s just whatever the communists feel like and they have no qualms over lying as they believe it’s perfectly fine unless they are being lied to, then that’s different.


He should and those countries are fools. Even complicit with the communist regime’s brutality.
Look at what several African countries have to deal with after their “deals” with the communists.

And probably a lot of foreign money going into our educational institutions.

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