US Christian groups plead for compassion for Muslim refugees

Since the Paris terrorist attacks on November 13, governors of more than half of the US’s 50 states have said they will not welcome Syrian refugees—defying President Barack Obama’s September announcement that the US would take 10,000 Syrian refugees in 2016. While many are calling their remarks Islamophobic and politically motivated, Christian church groups have been particularly outspoken about the governors’ lack of compassion.

A number of these church groups and church-affiliated missions have a long tradition of working with the federal government to place refugees in local communities; some have been resettling refugees in the US since World War II.

Well, if we had a way of vetting or screening them to rule out possible terrorists who will use the large group of legitimate refugees as a Trojan horse to get into this country.
I know it sounds harsh and uncaring, but it’s the truth.
A government also has the responsibility to protect its citizens from harm , too, and we are at war, so we can’t just open up our borders to anyone who wants to come in, unless they can be screened. So I’m I complete agreement with these governors.
I heard somewhere that a few refuges that came into New Orleans have already disappeared, and can’t be accounted for.
What about the homeless veterans in our country that need help?

Christian groups expressing the teachings of Jesus… :thumbsup:

What regard do these Christians have for the Middle East Christians? What are they doing to save them who are suffering genocide?

I realize my comment is edgey…but there seems to be just too much silence by Christians in America towards our Middle East brothers and sisters.

What would Jesus tell us to do?

We lay down our lives…especially for those victims of genocide…

I just find it very strange these Christian groups have such a disconnect on Middle East Christians who are being decimated.

I agree. :frowning:

I think He would tell us to care for His children. That can more easily be done nearer to their native land.


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