US Condemns Gambia's Anti-Gay Law


What do you think about Gambia’s law imposing a life sentence for “aggravated homosexuality” and targeted at “serial offenders”?

The U.S. State Department on Monday condemned the decision by Gambia’s president to approve a law imposing life imprisonment for some homosexual acts.

In a statement, Director of Press Relations Jeff Rathke said the State Department was also concerned about reports of recent arrests targeting at least four men, a 17-year-old boy and nine women accused of committing homosexual acts.

The suspects are the first to be arrested since the new law went into effect Oct. 9, the day President Yahya Jammeh signed it. Amnesty International last week accused Gambian security forces of resorting to beatings and the threat of rape and other abuses if they did not confess.

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Should laws like this one in Gambia be grounds for the US to cut off foreign aid? Is it the business of the US to tell other countries what they should be doing on internal issues like this?


The USA is sensitive about anti-gay laws. Relations were good with Russia until Russia objected to adoption by American SS parents and enacted laws restricting the dissemination of pro-gay propaganda to children.


Yes, our money should come with strings attached.


I mean no disrespect to you, but money ALWAYS comes with strings attached, particularly when it comes from a government.


I am guessing that in 5, 4, 3, 2… that there will be a series of neo-cons and liberals alike ranting about how evil and undemocratic and terrorist the government of gambia is.

Basically, the US doesn’t care how many political dissidents its buddy government tortures or massacres, just as long as they don’t touch sexual dissidents. Ya don’t see this sorta governmental condemnation of Saudi Arabia, I wonder why. ‘cough oil cough cough’

I am predicting Gambia to be pushed in the direction of BRICS. Maybe it will be the investment site for the joint China Africa project.

Long live the anti-hegemony!


Yes, as it should be.



“Muslim 90%, Christian 8%, indigenous beliefs 2%” - CIA World Factbook


The US has rightly condemned this law. This law is wrong. Things like homosexual acts should not be punishable under law in my opinion.


The corrupt bourgois Western liberals condemn this practice, but turn a blind eye when the Saudis do the same!


Who are these liberals you speak of? Since when have liberals supported our anything-goes relationship with Saudi Arabia?


It’s true that the US rarely condemns Saudi Arabia for anything because US strategic interests (i.e. oil) usually trumps anything else. Take for example the case of Raif Badawi whose punishment has not drawn any official US response as far as I know:

Saudi Arabian online activist Raif Badawi has had his sentence of 1,000 lashes and ten years in prison, for creating an online forum to promote public debate, upheld by a Saudi court.

Badawi co-founded the Saudi Arabian Liberals website and, in May, was ordered to pay one million Saudi riyals (£157,220) and was given a ten-year travel ban by Jeddah’s Criminal Court. His appeal was upheld by the Court of Appeal in Jeddah.

The court ordered Badawi must receive the lashes in public outside al-Jafali mosque. It said there would be 50 lashes per session, with no less than a week between each session.

Badawi was arrested in 2012 on charges of cyber-crime and apostasy, the latter carrying the death penalty in the Saudi Kingdom. His website has been closed since.


An oppressive country that’s 90% Muslim? Surprise!!! :rolleyes:


Unfortunately I would have to agree with you here. It seems like countries with large Muslim majorities are more likely to be oppressive than countries without Muslim majorities. I just wonder if it has to do with the particular sect of Islam which predominates in the countries?



I wonder who that is getting an award from the King of Saudi Arabia? Could that be George W. Bush?


Accepting a necklace is the best you’ve got?

I’ll also raise you the 28 redacted pages of the 9/11 report regarding the role of the Saudi government.


It’s not just Muslims. Uganda is planning to introduce a very draconian anti-gay law and it is about 85% Christian (41.9% Catholic):

Uganda plans to introduce a new anti-gay law that will withstand any legal challenge, a government minister has told the BBC.

It will not explicitly refer to homosexuality, but will rely on the penal code which prescribes a life sentence for “unnatural acts”, he said.

Activists say the plan is more draconian than anti-gay legislation annulled by the courts in August.

The US and other donors cut funding to Uganda in protest against the law.


If I got my choice between that saber and the gaudy necklace, Im going for the saber. Just sayin…


I shudder when I think about what they do with those knives.

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