US Creates 69,000 New Jobs, Unemployment Rate 8.2%

The American jobs engine hit stall speed in May, with the economy adding just 69,000 new jobs while the unemployment rate climbed to 8.2 percent.

As another summertime swoon looms, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that job creation missed economist estimates for 158,000 new positions and the jobless rate rose for the first time in nearly a year.

That’s just wonderful. (SARCASM!!!) When does this end? :banghead:

European economic crisis hurting the global economy.


Many employers would say they have a lack of confidence in the economy and they are not hiring. Bad policies from Obama not creating an environment in which people feel confident in hiring, and impinging regulations on businesses.

Most executives would say they don’t follow policies of the president in making business decisions, but on marketing projections.

The recession in Europe is hurting the global economy.

Also, the slow down in China’s economy isn’t helping.

That being said, the lower cost of gasoline here in the USA, is going to help us out, along with lower labor cost in the future.


Obamanomics: unemployment claims up, GDP down. Who needs the economy? According to Uncle Ben, we’ve PRINTED prosperity now! How much of the so called growth in the GDP is represented by the extreme borrowing by the government? Such growth is not real.

Labor Department revised their figures from last month, showing 49,000 jobs created last month.

Also revised was last quarter’s economic growth, from 2.2% to 1.9%. Job cuts increased in May, up 53% from April.

Federal policies will make an impact on the decisions made by business executives. They are the ones that have to do their business by the regulations that are handed down.

There are several measures of unemployment rate. When a person runs out of unemployment benefits or is not registered for benefits, he or she is no longer included as unemployed for the purpose of the U-3 statistics.

Here are the other measures of unemployment rate:

All the executives I’ve talked with state that they rarely look at government policies when making business decisions, because government does little to impact them one way or another.

Fact is, the government does very little to create jobs in the private sector, regardless of the claims by this or any other president.


Obama just needs another term to really get things moving…he did state that a brighter tomorrow is right around the corner…:rolleyes:::rolleyes

I am a college Business instructor in Minnesota and work with many business people, including our Chamber of Commerce. Almost every business person I’ve worked with indicates that uncertaintly about regulation, taxes, health insurance, have a major impact on the decision to hire or not hire.

I am a business owner and a with CPA a sizeable business clientele. You are absolutely rigut

So Obamas claim that its Bush’s fault is false?

This is just not accurate. Obama’s policies directly impact the cost of doing business. Labor costs, healthcare costs, energy costs, regulatory compliance costs, and taxes impact business decisions. How do you think Obama’s increased regulations on coal have impacted energy prices or employment in West Virginia? How do you think Obama’s NLRB attacking Boeing in South Carolina have impacted other companies decisions on whether or not they should expand in the US? How do you think Obamacare will impact the cost of labor in the US? Do you think increased regulatory costs will help US businesses be more competitive with companies making products outside the US? Also, with taxmageddon looming over the head of the economy, do you think that is encouraging to businesses to invest???


So is our own Republican House. They seem hell-bent on doing all they can to slow and stop progress. Party before people.

So what have they done to hurt the global economy? Please explain.

REALLY:confused: Seems to me the Dems have shirked their duty in the past nearly four years to even present a budget:eek:

The Republican House has passed 18 job bills that the Senate refuses to consider.

In addition the first two years he was in office the Democrats controlled both houses of congress and had a filibuster proof in the Senate. Rather than concentrate on helping the economy they legalized sodomy in the military, gutted conscience clauses in the medical profession, released funds to overseas abortion providers, directed billions of pork to cronies like Solandra and passed Obamacare. As votes on the health care law and votes this week show the Democrats are far more concerned about keeping the abortion industry prosperous than they are the country.

It would be nice if we could debate the Merits of the Budgets passed by the Democrat Senate but they havent passed one since they took control in 2006.

Pretty much so.

The amount of businesses which moved to China, prevented a recovery in the job market.

The only think Obama proposed, which the GOP controlled congress shot down, was to remove the tax loopholes businesses get for shutting down and moving to China.


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