US Doctors Unite To Take On FDA stance on Adult Stem Cells

A group of American doctors have formed the American Stem Cell Therapy Association to take on the FDA’s assertion that Adult Stem Cells taken from a patient should be treated the same as a new drug like Lipitor or Viagra- subject to the same testing, 8 years of clinical trials etc. Read the story at Adult Stem Cell Research

First of all, let’s not use the word politics to describe this. Wealthy investors funding embryonic stem cell research appear to be creating a fictional story to buy some time to get embryonic “product” out of the lab and making money before adult stem cells ‘destroy’ the “market” for embryonic stem cells which they think might leave the lab in that time frame.

Meanwhile, adult stem cells work and since they are not foreign tissue, will not be rejected by the patient’s body. Amd most important, they are ethical.


You are exactly right about the fictional story put out Ed. However, wealthy investors are usually smart with their money and therefore stay away from Embryonic stem cell research which they know won’t pay off. It is the liberal media and the researchers/scientists who are creating the story you described in order to get funding from our taxes because nobody else will fund them. The “wealthy investors” are in reality - us, the US taxpayer.

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