US fast-food workers staging nationwide strike


 Fast-food restaurant workers across the US are staging a 24-hour strike in protest against low wages.

Walkouts were reported in New York, Chicago, Washington DC, and also Detroit, Michigan; Raleigh, North Carolina; and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Organisers hope workers in as many as 100 cities will participate in what is the latest in a series of such actions.

Unions want a $15-an-hour (£9.19) federal minimum wage. The current one, set in 2009, is $7.25 per hour.

President Barack Obama, who has backed a Senate measure to increase the minimum to $10.10, specifically mentioned fast-food workers “who work their tails off and are still living at or barely above poverty” in an economic policy speech on Wednesday.

The minimum wage in Washington State is $9.13 for 2013, the highest in the nation. $7.25 seems rather low.


How stingy, 9.13/hr. indeed, why not 119.13/hr.; what justification is there to keep unskilled- labor in slave pay. Where is the liberal outrage over the economic rape of the untrained, untalented and mostly not to bright labors flipping our burgers?


Whatever people are paid, we should still uphold the dignity of even the “untrained, untalented and mostly not to bright.”

It doesn’t help the discussion for us to degrade those who are working unskilled jobs for whatever reasons.


The thing is, if the minimum wage goes to $15/hr., the cost of everything goes up accordingly. So the minimum wage guy still can’t afford what he couldn’t afford before the wage hike. So what good does it do? Seriously, some people just don’t think things through.


Symbolism over substance,the MO of the liberal left…


Certainly a step in the right direction. Lets all pray that this just movement gains legs. Hopefully a general strike will result.

Like the TEA Party says, SHUT IT DOWN !


I work at a fast food place and I can tell you right now, the work I am doing is not worth $15 an hour. It does not take anyone who is particularly skilled to push a few buttons on a cash register or to count money.


How about $10 an hour, will you take that?


I would like to take that, but if I want it, I have to earn it. That is why I am improving my skills and trying to be promoted to team leader.


good thing the ceo’s at Mcdonalds taught you how to read and basic arithmatic…no what that was the tax payers through public schools, who are also paying for social security benifits to numerous fast food employees.


No, it was not the taxpayers through the public schools. My Mom and Dad realized that the public schools in our area were terrible, and so they sacrificed time and money to homeschool me instead. It paid off, I am acing my college courses. However, my parents were still forced to support a backward, inefficient, corrupt, and incompetent public school system that they did not use.


would you say the majority of your co-workers were similarly blessed with parents who could afford to homeschooling? Congrats on college, where are you attending?


We had a protest at our McDonald’s. It was done by a professional group - the AFL-CIO.

How do I know this? It was announced on our local radio station the the AFL-CIO would be doing the protest and what time they would be there .

The local college kids earn extra money working there so I doubt they would do a protest besides it is right near the college, opened 24 hours to accommodate them and many students eat there.


How do non union workers strike? Aren’t they basically just not showing up to work? They’re lucky they don’t get fired.


This is really the Democratic party just trying to shift the focus away from the healthcare program.


Non-union workers “striking” = Quitting.


To my memory it is not a liberal who first broke the unions. It was then President Regan, or have you forgot the Traffic Controller Strike in which he had them all fired for expecting better work conditions and wages?

No one, and I mean no one should be paid less than a living wage, let alone the minimum wage. And who are you to suggest that those folks working in fast-food establishments are “untalented” and “not to bright.”? No one deserves to work their “fanny” off and get poverty wages for it. As I have said before let the trash collectors, janitors, custodians or housekeepers strike, or teachers and police and firefighters and they will missed immediately. Let the Governor or Mayor strike and it will not be noticed for a long time.

Maybe we should do as they do in some parts of France: anyone who aspires to be the Governor or Mayor does so for free. No wage at all-strictly volunteer. Bet that would clear a lot of things up fast.


The AFL-CIO seems to be a bunch of strange ducks with their constant suppose for gay marriage.

Why were they called in to do this protest in these smaller areas?

There goes the dollar menu. How much business do you think these fast food places would do if everything we take for granted goes up 1 to 3 dollars?

Our radio station said the average wage for a McDonald worker if $9.25


AFAIK, McDonald’s has already said they are getting rid of the dollar menu.


Everything goes up and people expect maybe a slight increase(so they will no longer to able to call it the dollar menu) but what will happen to McDonalds if their food prices take a major hit because of this desire to have a $15.00 minimum wage.

Remember the average wage for workers is already earning $9.25/hr. and most of the workers in our area are college students who are thrilled to have a little extra cash.

McDonalds could well go out of business or certainly won’t be the same old quick drive-thru for ultra cheap food.

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