US global dominance 'set to wane'

US global dominance ‘set to wane’

US economic, military and political dominance is likely to decline over the next two decades, according to a new US intelligence report on global trends.

The National Intelligence Council (NIC) predicts China, India and Russia will increasingly challenge US influence.

It also says the dollar may no longer be the world’s major currency, and food and water shortages will fuel conflict.


Thanks a lot, Obama! :frowning:

Don’t blame Obama, he hasn’t even taken office. Thank the person currently in office and the fact that globalization has shrunk the world.

Yep, this man will do more to tear down what America really stands than even what the US news media does. If it were not for the US new media and their rabid and obvious hatred of conservative and Christian values and their clear censorship and propagandizing for extreme leftist causes, the respect around the world for America would not have declined so much over the last few years. It was not President Bush, it is CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, and the New York Times.

Unless we become a nation that actually makes things rather than just a nation of consumers, as long as we owe China hundred of billions of dollars, as long as foreign investments *within *America out pace domestic investments both here and abroad, we will become even less important.

:thumbsup: Well said and sadly true.

Never, ever bet against the USA

I wouldn’t bet against the USA my father told me about or the one I remember as a kid and tried to pass off to my children. But the USA of today I ain’t so sure about. Always hope for the best but the backbone and fortitude sure seems to be missing. Everyone wants a hand out from giant corporations to students to welfare recipients. People want to make money the new fashion way; wait for a government bailout. :twocents:

Obama has nothing to do with it. We chose to consume beyond our means as individuals and as a country. We’re broke and overextended. We’ve sold our birthright for pottage. The problem is us and our sense of entitlement.

Obama has nothing to do with it.

No, he doesn’t. But it will be up to him to try to set it right. It’s a task that would be daunting for any man. And an impossible one without God’s help.

Pray for him. All of us, pray for him that he can do it.

What I don’t understand about peoples like Americans, Britians, French, Russians, et cetera:

Why must there be a hegemony?

Why must one nation “take on the burden” of being responsible for the whole world?

The Roman Empire, The French Empire, The British Empire, all spent themselves into oblivion.

It doesn’t pay to have more than a million troops all around the world in hundreds of military installations.

Why must the United States be responsible for the security of Japan? Why can’t the Japanese (With such a large economy) provide for their own defense?

The United States has the largest military presence in the Europe. Why?

Why aren’t the British, French, Polish, Italians, Spanish and Germans (whom have fielded millions of men in centuries past) able to provide for their own defense?

For goodness sake, Turkey has the largest military of all European Union member states.

I say that it would be in best interests of all countries involved, if the United States weaned all of those under it’s current defense shield, off of United States Dependence.

America’s Southeast Asian and European Allies are more than capable of providing for their own defense. No need spend billions of U.S. tax payer money on what those countries have more than adequate resources for.

America should disassemble it’s bases in Europe and Southeast Asia and focus it’s efforts on stabilizing Iraq and Afghanistan until they too can fend for themselves.

The military arrangements of NATO and other alliances are too lopsided in that the United States has to provide for most of the Funding and troops.

I say spread the responsibility, not centralize it.

Amen. France got a lot of criticism for building a credible military force on its own. But we should applaud that. They are seeking to protect themselves, not depend on the American presence.

And BTW, be very grateful that we are friends of Turkey. They are very competent fighters and loyal to their friends.

I have respect for the Turks. They do a lot peacekeeping missions around the world.

I also have to mention Ghana and Pakistan. They have competent militaries that do peace-keeping missions the world over, moreso than their European counterparts.

Europe outside of Great Britian and France have become a joke since the beginning of the 1990s.

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