US government to pay for sex resassignment surgery


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US government to pay for sex resassignment surgery

by Michael Cook | 30 Jan 2016

The US Department of Health and Human Services has ruled that that transgender people are entitled to sex-change surgery provided under Medicare Advantage insurers. An Air Force veteran, Charlene Lauderdale, sought coverage for her transitioning surgery in November 2014 but it was denied because it was not the proper treatment for her, as she had been hospitalised four times for psychiatric problems.

The background to this decision is instructive. For many years, Medicare refused to cover transgender surgery. But in May 2014 a HHS Appeals Board ruled that this exclusion was based on outdated, incomplete, and biased science and medicine. . . .


Our tax dollars, hard at work.

Lord, have mercy +


Johns Hopkins stopped doing sex reassignment surgery after it determined that the surgery was not effective in dealing with the real problem and carried additional risks for no gain. Actual science did not agree with the agenda, so the government rejected it. This is another triumph of feelings over facts, and we are being forced to pay for it.:mad:


This why Federal taxes have to be decreased, not increased!

Take the money away from government so they can’t use it in such immoral ways…:mad:


Cognitive therapy is cheaper and more appropriate for those whose thinking does not accord with realityl


Why is it “intolerant” these days to not want to feed into someone’s fantasies?


If they allow this, they will have to allow plastic surgery too.


I’m going to have to be paying for this. Lord have mercy, indeed.


I should start demanding that they pay for my video games and beer. After all, if I want something, it automatically becomes a right, right? :rolleyes:


Only if you willingly pay into it though…

therein lies the problem, we are forbidden from having any part in such things, but the way our system is set up, we dont really have the choice, we can refuse to pay, but that means jail (which would probably be most acceptable to God), but not to us…so we have to make the choice whether to have a ‘comfortable earthly life’ or to obey Gods laws.

Being a Christian has never been easy, nor was it meant to be.

In the end, people have to make up their own minds about what they are a part of, sadly I think most will just choose to accept and continue to pay into it (myself included), but I realize I will likely have to answer for this one day too. Somehow when God asks me why I chose this, I dont think an answer like “well, I didnt want to get arrested, and go to jail” would be acceptable.

I also think many christians will use that old verse ‘pay unto Caesar what is Caesars…’ to justify their involvement.


Health and Human Services … maybe this ridiculous, useless agency will be eliminated.


Margaret Thatcher used to say that “The problem with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money to spend.” Why can’t this proposal wait until we have run out of our money to be spent? :wink:


It was only a matter of time before this would happen. I wonder if now the federal government will try to force all insurers and companies to provide coverage for sex reassignment surgery similar to the way they did with contraception and sterilization via the HHS Mandate?


Atheists probably say the same thing about Christians and other people of faith…:wink:


The difference is that my tax dollars do not go toward funding religion. At least in America they don’t. The answer would certainly be different for our friends in Saudi Arabia or Syria.


The money that you give to religion in the form of charitable donations is, however, tax deductible. And religious institutions themselves are tax-exempt.


Medicare Advantage.

I’ll be attacked for this, but:

It’s my impression that, except for people on Social Security Disability, all of those transgenders are going to be over age 65.

Men undergo physical changes with age that are different from the ones women undergo; big old joints, brow ridges, big hands, oftentimes sun-blasted from exposure.

How in the world does a man get to be age 65 or older and decide he wants to be turned into a grotesque imitation of an elderly lady?

And it’s to come from the funding for real medical needs. Honestly, the Twilight Zone never dreamed of anything as bizarre as this.



This position assumes that all income and wealth rightfully belongs to the government, and you only get to keep what they allow you to have. That’s 180 degrees out of phase.


I’m glad our government isn’t running up any debt and has plenty of surplus to waste taxpayer money in such an evil fashion.


Our government wastes money all the time. How much money will our government end up wasting because of our invasion of Iraq in 2003 which has already cost us at least 1.7 trillion? That’s a lot more than will ever be spent on sex reassignment surgery. :shrug:

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