US Greatest Threat To Peace According To Gallup Poll


                               Doesn't appear to have made it into a lot of mainstream news, but Pakistan's Express Tribune is affiliated with the New York Times.

                                67.806 people in 65 countries were interviewed and 24 pct picked the US as the greatest threat to peace.


I suppose it depends on what one’s view of world peace is.

For example I don’t believe there’s a real danger of a ‘World War’ type conflict.

However, regional conflicts are alive and well sadly. Saudi Arabia is a big player in the Middle East splashing their cash at their extremeist allies in Syria, Lebanon and Chechnya.

China seems to have an unhealthy interest in Africa’s mineral resources. While Right Wing extremists are continuing their upheavel in Latin America, which may be funded by the US NSA…


Not possible, Obama has the Nobel Peace Prize after all…



It was actually meant for Osama but they in Norway got the spelling wrong…:smiley:


So the general public in foreign countries is as misinformed as in the US. That’s not news.

With rogue nations, terrorist organizations, nuclear proliferation of Iran and North Korea, violent failed states like Somalia and Malta, the threat of “loose nucs”, the disintegration of much of the African and Asian continents, the development and use of ABC weapons by totalitarian and extremist states, etc, the United States, even with all of our problems, is not the greatest threat to peace.


The results, broken down by country, are at:

The good news is that only 1% of Americans believe that Australia is the greatest threat to world peace. The bad news is that 8% of Americans want to move there.

Does Australia have room for 25 million US immigrants? :smiley:


Since the U.S. media has a great deal of influence over what the foreign media reports, and since many foreigners read or watch the U.S. media, this should be no surprise.


If the Sunni Arab/Persian war escalates, which it probably will, it might not be a “world war”, but it will feel like one in a lot of ways. And Saudi Arabia is not the only Sunni supporter of Sunni Islamist organizations. It’s only the currently most obvious one.

I recall Chavez’ comment that Obama is “to the left of Raul Castro”. Even if said somewhat in jest, one cannot really picture Obama as a supporter of “right wing extremists” in Latin America.


With drone attacks in 6 countries, a near missile attack on Syria, and statements from a few brave politicians that we were about to become Al-Qaeda’s Air Force, I’d say America is easily the best choice for most dangerous dangerous country in the world. I’m afraid this is no longer the America of even most of our childhoods, but rather the America of the Wolfowitz Memorandum, and The Project For The New American Century, in other words a Frankenstein’s monster.


Do you really think Obama has the smarts to know what the Secret service is doing in Latin America? Even if he does, do you think he has the cajones to do anything about it…? I certainly don’t.


The America of our childhoods?

There are Americans living today whose childhoods included the Korean War, the Vietnam War or many other conflicts. When it comes to conflicts, Iraq and Af/Pak don’t even come close.

It simply amazes that some in the world can, without complaint, view an ogre like Assad, a tool of the odious and imperialistic Iranian mullahs, who shoots, burns, tortures and gasses his own people, while if the U.S. says it “might” take out the poison gas supply with missiles, turn that into a judgment that the U.S. is the “most dangerous” country in the world. Just breathtaking; like a child who hides behind his big brother and kicks him in the leg because it’s the only leg he can kick in perfect safety.


I don’t think it’s a matter of being smart or not smart. Obama himself is on permanent vacation, and was from Day One. But I think we can reasonably believe the very left wing people who support him and who are NOT on permanent vacation, know very well what the Secret Service is doing and have all the cajones required. After all, if they manage to turn other agencies into their political tools as they have, why would the Secret Service escape their notice? When they have time to wine, dine and listen to every left-winger on earth, does anybody really think they don’t have the means of knowing their concerns?


You do realise how amusing it is to your average European to hear Obama and his supporters as being Left wing.

Its a cultural/political thing I suppose. In reality Obama is Centre Right on any European political compass.

However the Secret Service have always been untouchable going back beyond J Edgar Hoover. It’s the nature of the beast…


. . . right. But I think most Americans don’t see Europe as the example to follow.


I think Obama just lacks people skills. Excellent campaigner, though. But read Woodward’s book on the budget work his administration had to hash out, and you’ll see someone very unable to govern well with others.


Sorry, I’m confused! In this discussion, when everyone is saying “Secret Service,” do they mean the CIA? The Secret Service provides protection for the President and his family, and for other officials. CIA is our covert intelligence agency.

Or are we referring to the recent scandals involving personal behavior of some Secret Service employees?

J. Edgar Hoover was FBI, not CIA or Secret Service… :confused::confused::confused:


I’m not asking you to follow us. Merely pointing out the oxymoron of Obama being in any way Left of centre…


I’m referring to the covert operatives employed by the CIA in Latin America. I’ll give you Hoover being a Fed but it doesn’t take away from these organisations acting beyond the remit of the Ocal Office…


1% believe Canada – *Canada! *-- is a threat to world peace. :eek:

I’d like to know how. Don’t get me wrong, I’m flattered, but… :shrug:


An bfhuil Gaeilge agat…?

You Irish Canadians are always causing trouble…:stuck_out_tongue:

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