US House Speaker Paul Ryan cannot currently support Donald Trump


US House Speaker Paul Ryan has said he cannot currently support Donald Trump as Republican presidential nominee….
Former presidents George W Bush and George H W Bush also said Thursday that they will not endorse the controversial presumptive nominee….

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I think Ryan is taking a fair position. As I’ve read, he’s not saying he will never be able to support Trump but not at this moment. I agree with this, Trump should “court conservatives”. Trump needs to woo conservatives. Trump needs to convince conservatives that he can be trusted as the nominee, and potentially as President.


No, what Trump should do is drop out and let the party nominate an ACTUAL Republican and save the party the humiliation. :mad::mad::mad:


Now this is just my opinion, but I think Trump should pick Cruz as his VP.


I am presently in the ‘no to Trump’ camp myself. Trump needs to prove to me that he is something other than what he has always been: a fiscal and social liberal. As of right now, I see nothing that differentiates him from Hillary Clinton.


No, what Trump should do is drop out and let the party nominate an ACTUAL Republican and save the party the humiliation. If he refuses, unpledge the delegates and let them vote for somebody else. I don’t care what kind of backlash would come from it. It would still be better than having Trump as the party’s nominee. :mad::mad::mad:


The beauty of the 1st Amendment is that the above suggestion can be made! We can also laugh! :rotfl:


We are certainly living in an interesting political season.


If his own Party’s leadership cannot even support him, why in the world would the majority of the American people elect Trump to the highest office in the land?


This is interesting. People may have the impression that they are voting for a presidential candidate in the various primaries, but what they are actual voting for is delegates to the conventions. It is the delegates who vote on a candidate. Delegates are also free to vote on the rules.


“Because his own party’s leadership cannot support him…” fairly leaps to the tongue as a response. What these party leaders don’t seem to realize is that a tremendous number of people are sick of them and their ways, and supported Trump precisely because of it.

They expect Trump to woo conservatives? Why didn’t they, themselves “woo conservatives” when they had the opportunity to do it? Somewhere between 30% and 60% of voting Repubs voted for Trump in the primaries in preference to the party’s picked candidates, and they don’t see this as indicating a problem with the “business as usual” wing of the party?

I like Paul Ryan. I truly do. He’s surely one of the best numbers wonks that ever walked the halls of congress, and I think he’s a fundamentally good man. But for him to get all snooty about Trump not being conservative enough?

Trump truly is the “blue collar billionaire”. Maybe that’s enough to get him elected and maybe it isn’t. But the National Review purists and the moderate Repubs have not had a lot of attraction among many for quite some time.

The current election comes down to one very aggressive and not-very-ideological candidate versus an opponent so palpably corrupt that I really do think Trump’s (slightly exaggerated, but not totally exaggerated) claim she wouldn’t get 5% of the vote if she weren’t a woman probably has a lot of truth to it.

And in that kind of contest, they expect Trump to come to them on bended knee?


Yes, I believe Teddy Kennedy tried to do this when he tried to unseat Carter for the 1980 Democratic nomination. It might be in the Republican Party’s (and, dare I say, the United States’) best interest to do the same thing here.


IMO, I think Trump would convince a lot of people if he chose Rubio for VP, and promised to nominate Cruz to the Supreme Court.


Well said!:thumbsup:


Why woo conservatives? Simple–he can’t win without them.


I personally don’t believe Trump is Conservative or Republican, but I don’t begrudge anyone voting for him as a change-maker and that’s certainly what such a vote for him would be for - CHANGE, writ large.

I think it’s more than a little sad that the leadership won’t get behind the people’s genuine choice. I understand it, of course, but it’s still sad and it does not engender confidence in the larger electorate who will show up in November.


I guess you’re taking Ryan’s words as a starting gun, but I don’t.

My reaction is more that I still feel welcome (or feel welcome again) in the Republican Party.



This is just talk. Paul Ryan will fall in line eventually. Especially if Trump starts catching up in the polls and narrowing Hillary’s lead, which he likely will, just like Romney did last year.


So far Trump has not been for gutting Social Security, comprehensive immigration plans, globalization, etc, that the career Republicans seem to be for. Of course Ryan can’t support him.


They have to follow the rules. Okay I realize the rules can be changed, but I don’t think it would be wise to attempt such a major rule change as would give anyone but Trump any chance of winning.

How would we even attempt it? No Republican politician, or at least extremely few, would support such a thing. You might get, say, 5% of Republican voters to back it, but probably no more than that.

Frankly I think the “Stop Trump movement” (understood as an action by Republicans I mean) is over now.

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