US judge tells man he's still legally dead


What a tangled web we weave…

  1. Alcoholic man deserts family because he can’t pay child support and does not want to be jailed for it. Yes, I am sure there were other reasons.

  2. Ex-wife has him declared legally dead after eight years and collects Social Security benefits for herself and their two children.

  3. Deadbeat Dad returns but can’t get a job or driver’s license while legally dead. Ohio is really picky about letting dead people drive cars.

  4. Social Security wants its money back if Deadbeat Dad is not dead.

  5. All the lawyers needed to fix this cost money the family does not have.

Kids, please do not do this to your family and your community. Bad behavior has unpleasant consequences. There is no perfect solution to this mess.


Like you said what a mess for the family.:eek:


Well of course he should be declared living. But the wive should not be held accountable for returning any money. After all the dead-beat was gone for 8 years. Let him pay it back when he gets a job. Of course the woman will need to get work of her own now.

Get the lawyers out of the whole mess to start with, use a little common sense and be done with it. At least that is what I would do if I was the judge. Bet the dead beat would disappear again as I doubt he wants to work and pay all the money back to social security.


I agree with everything you said except the part that if you were a judge, you would disregard the law. If the law always made sense, this would not be a story, would it? Every average American could prepare his own tax return, too.


What was this dude doing for income for the past 8 years if he can’t get a job? And how hard is it to declare his undead, then require him to pay back the SSA for the money dished out? Sounds like someone is making it harder than it should be.

On the bright side, if this isn’t resolved by next election, he won’t be the first dead person in history to vote. :smiley:


Maybe he gets a job as an actor on one of the many Vampire or Zombie films or TV series that are so popular now. Where else will the producers find someone with real experience as undead?




I disagree. The wife (unless she helped him in his deception) has nothing to do with it and has no obligation to pay back or work or in any way change her lifestyle. He is the one who incurred that debt by his actions; he owes that money and needs to be declared alive so that he can pay it back.


:confused:Have you ever seen people from Ohio drive:confused:LOL


There still not as bad as those from West Virginia, though. ;):stuck_out_tongue:


Why not? If a man is in front of you, living, breathing, and speaking coherently, it is ridiculous for a lawyer to say that he is dead. Lawyers are well known for saying things that are not true and I don’t see why anyone takes them seriously in a case such as this.


The law isn’t based on what is or is not actually true. We’d have a lot fewer lawyers if it was.


It is true there are a few legal fictions created by the law. But this particular law is based on helping people like the poor lady who is the victim of this. Originally used for men who would go to sea, or go west, or whatever, and would disappear for years. Well if you disappeared for years at sea, you were most likely dead. So you could go to court and have the man declared dead, and the wife could then get access to the property or some fortune that her husband left for her, or get remarried, which otherwise she would not always have access to the money she needed to stay in the home or feed herself, or provide for her children, etc.


My county borders Ohio. It is when the fast drivers from Michigan and the slow drivers from Indiana meet that scares me. Michigan has better roads and they think we have the same in Indiana, but we don’t.


LOL, driving on I89/90 Ohioans always drove crazily outside of Ohio. LOL, Illinois drivers drove like maniacs everywhere…


I agree about Illinois drivers. I grew up there and had the majority of my accidents there.

  1. I was hit from behind while stopped at a red light.
  2. I was hit from behind while stopped at a stop sign. It was really icy that day.
  3. My car was hit while parked in my driveway by a drunken neighbor. The leaking oil lead right to his house. He also had no insurance. He spent the insurance money on bail from a previous DWI.

I don’t miss that one bit.


But if the man appears in the flesh, and is walking and talking, it is obvious that the declaration that he was dead was a mistake. He is alive and it has been proven that he is now alive, so any declaration that he is dead at this moment should be immediately rescinded and recognized to be in error.


If he’s technically dead, then he could do anything he wants, and they couldn’t charge him either…

He’s only got two choices - either get the law changed, or leave Ohio and try to get a driver’s licence. Social Security ID, and work under another name.


Easy - if you live in Illinois, don’t stop at red lights, don’t stop at stop signs, and don’t park in your driveway.


Oh I know, but I was just venting a little. I get so tired of how long everything takes to resolve in this country, and that is primarily due to legal rhetoric.

By experience with the disabled, family and my sister I do know that social security, welfare offices are usually around 10 years behind in their paperwork. Yet they demand the common man and woman to be right on time with everything. Huh, wonder how that works.

I think we just need some common sense loaded back into things. Hire more people to get the work done, decrease the number of “top knots” overseeing everything, and when a case like this comes up, and you have proved the person is who they say they are, allow a judge to make the ruling that he is alive and will be responsible for returning the money, not those who had him declared dead after missing for 8 years.

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