US Latinos less Catholic, more polarized on faith



My friend is from Puebla, the other day they showed the Churches of San Gabriel on TV. That was from Puebla and people should see images of that historic church. Puebla was where the Cinco de Mayo battle was fought. My friend is very devout. You certainly have a number like him.

If you have 100 Catholics in a room, how many will be truly devout? How many will be properly Cathechized?


Yeah and what the article does not explain is that most of those folks more than likely never practiced their faith. Ever heard of ignorance? Many of those Latinos are drawn to those churches because the pastor makes them “feel” at home or sense of belonging. At times it is more like a social agency to help support their needs or lack of neccessities (food,bills,etc). Trust me, I live in So.Cal and know many of those folks who have left the CC to go join some new church. But guess what? Most of them do not leave because of doctrinal matters;moreover, a sense of their needs being met.

The “fuzzy and warm” feelings.

BTW: And most of those folks usually end up being church hoppers once the current “feeling” is gone. Trust me.


My former students immigrated to the US, often joined Protestant denominations. I think part of it that they told me was because fellowship. Other than that, they seemed more aware of other Protestant churches involvement in food and clothing give aways. The Catholic Church also does this to some degree, but I don’t know if they were aware of that.

We have that here in Mexico with politics. Politicians will come around, give people a hat or shirt and get the people to vote for him that way, especially the indigenous people are easily swayed by that, will often vote for someone if he gives him/her something concrete.

The Latinos often aren’t aware enough in their faith and are ripe to be converted by practically any faith. When pressed to convert, they don’t know about apologetics, can be persuaded to leave it.

There is a rise in other denominations, people leaving the Church more and more as time progresses. We were warned in scripture that this would happen.

I know with Mexicans, they are still Catholic, though unfortunately many aren’t practicing their faith, but Protestantism is making inroads.


Exactly! That is what I said!


That’s been my experience, as well.

Also, the former Catholics can easily take a few classes and become ministers. With the Catholic Church, it’s much harder to be in a position to preach. There are many more requirements. It’s difficult. By comparison, just about any other denomination would be easier.

I’ve seen people seemingly without having completed a degree, get up and preach. That seems to have its appeal, as well.

Further, the other churches don’t have as many restrictions in many ways…you can remarry, and such. That’s often not a problem. They often tell people what they want to hear.

Being Catholic is hard.


I think the Latin people in the US can be somewhat vulnerable, more open to conversion, because they are looking for something. These faiths go door to door, promising to help them with their material needs, so they leave the Church, go with them.

The Latin people may sometimes be lonely, be away from their families, and this is all very tempting.

The other churches often use high-pressure sale techniques, and a lot of Catholics will go when invited and leave the Church that way, as well.

I, myself, have been tricked by one of these faiths who promise dinner, and it turns out to be a kind of recruitment tactic. They have you there as sort of a captive audience. Some might feel that if they accepted dinner, they are obligated to hear them out. I have no intention of leaving my faith, and I didn’t appreciate the deception.

I believe that a faith shouldn’t have to lie to me to get me to go.

I’m wondering how many have been tricked into going, as well.


More important, being a follower of Christ is not easy and Jesus himself said it!


It isn’t only the “fellowshipping”. A Mexican woman whose child my wife often cared for as a visiting nurse, informed her one time that she was in the process of joining the Mormon church. She had previously joined others, but left when the "aid’ ran out. She said it plainly. Perhaps a year later, my wife saw her at one of the Hispanic masses here. Guess maybe it ran out with the Mormons too.

I do real estate closings as an outsource for banks as part of my occupation. I always take sellers and buyers separately because of bank privacy and all. Well, one day I took a seller in to do his part, and he was in an extremely bad mood. We went through it all, and at the end he apologized for his mood. He is a Methodist preacher who was selling his house to go to another congregation in another place. Anyway, he told me he was angry because, in meeting the buyer for the first time in my lobby, he realized he was selling his (not inexpensive) house to a Mexican fellow who had expressed interest in his church previously but was poor (he said) and needed help. The pastor gave him everything the church could offer him, but then it ended. When it ended, the pastor never saw him again until the closing in my office. “We get a lot of that”, the pastor said.

That’s not to say there are no other reasons for defections by recent immigrants, but it’s one of them.

I was also told by a priest from Mexico that for so many Hispanics coming here from south of the border, their lives are morally chaotic. Cohabitation without marriage, divorce, remarriage without divorce, (the wife here and the one in Mexico too that he never sees) on and on. “Getting saved” can seem a simplification of one’s moral life in some of those situations.


In addition, in Mexico particularly, the teaching of the Faith has been very bad for longer than in the US because of government restrictions.


I totally believe you. But it isn’t only immigrants. I know how Hispanic families being here for generations and leaving the CC for some other church. And why? The hand-outs. It is sad,but true. Problem that I acknowledge is that for many Hispanics, they have a poor understanding or the wrong idea of what “church” really is and its missions. Yes…help the poor and such,but it is more than just feeding the poor.


Yes. For many formal catechesis was merely learning prayers and you are good to go.


Check this out.


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