US lifts Vietnam arms embargo


What is going to come from this?


Nothing good.

Maybe we should also supply some advisers to train them in the use of their new arms.:shrug:


I doubt they need that.


Just one more market for the world’s #1 arms merchant.

A victory for capitalism.


Is Obama playing the Iran nuke buy out trick again? Set them up with whatever they like to use against the US when the time comes. China will say when that is. Would anyone really think they would have no interest in that area of the world?? The very hint of the past makes my blood run cold.

We are at present watching as a very large bag of tricks is being dumped out and set in motion. Doesn’t the House and Senate have any muscle to stop the deals O is pulling?


The US has been moving Vietnam in this direction for some time. As far as I know, the only opposition has been from human rights activists that want to use the embargo as pressure. Seems like it otherwise has bi-partisan support.


It seems like there hasn’t been any discussion of Vietnam and arms - if the US has been moving toward this and has bi-partisan support, I’ve got a few questions to ask. Why, why, why should VN be desiring arms (unless China wants them to have big time weapons and is strapped to provide them). Something is fishy.


Vietnam is no longer a Chinese proxy. They are considered a counter to China’s goals in the South China Sea.

I don’t see anything fishy. Things like the details of our relationship with smaller allies like Vietnam don’t often get headlines, but if you look you can see we have been moving in this direction for years. Its not a secret, just not something the media really cares about or reports on.


Imaginably Vietnam might be short of land arms, but I wonder about that, and I wonder about china jumping into a land conflict with VN. As we learned decades ago, VN is nothing to trifle with.

The big question is whether VN is interested in acquiring sea-based weaponry. Seems that’s where the greatest likelihood is of direct conflict with China, or at least showing significant ability to be a serious adversary at sea.


The US has been so “played” under Obama that blocking and undoing his “legacy” plans has to be addressed.

The view that Vietnam is a “small” ally and not deserving of much newsworthy attention, that we have been moving toward this action for years, and there is nothing “there” - its just that the media has not found it important enough to report … I don’t buy it!

If this isn’t a secret it sure has been kept in the dark. When did VNam and China break up their BFF relationship?


I’m not sure VN and China were ever very close, and certainly not after China invaded VN shortly after the VN war. During the VN war, the main supplier of North Vietnam was Russia, not China. Their respective thug-ocracies maintain the fiction of “communism” jointly, but that’s about all.


I’m not sure what you are not buying. We normalized relations with Vietnam in the 90s. The relationship has moved forward since then under both GOP and Dem presidents. Most of the embargo was lifted in 2014, I believe. The embargo is now completely lifted. All of this is completely in the open, and has been moving forward for 20 years. How has it been kept secret?


So, after waiting a single day, Obama blatantly spells out the real reason for lifting the embargo.

**Barack Obama has said Washington supports Vietnam’s territorial claims against Beijing in the South China Sea and promised it greater access to security equipment.

“In the South China Sea, the US is not a claimant in current disputes, but we will stand with our partners in upholding key principles like freedom of navigation,” the US president said in a speech in Hanoi.

“Vietnam will have greater access to the equipment you need to improve your security,” he said. “Nations are sovereign and no matter how large or small a nation may be, its territory should be respected.”

Obama did not mention China by name but added: “Big nations should not bully smaller ones.”

The comments came a day after the US lifted a decades-old arms embargo on Vietnam**

Continues at the link.


Cool. Now how about some support for the Kurds?



Well, the Kurds are enemies of Turkey, and so we aren’t supporting them because Turkey is a strategically important ally. We have air bases there and whatnot. Plus, the U.S. loves Wahabists like Saudi Arabia, Turkey and (seemingly, at least) ISIS, so we’re not about to start supporting Syrian and Iranian Kurds. We use them for our own ends when it’s convenient, though.

Also, this link has to do with US chemical warfare in the Vietnam conflict, but it does touch on the subject of the thread, too, although kind of tangentially.


China gets its way. Obama kills the arms ban so Vietnam can protect themselves while calling China a bully. So Obama who wants to disarm everyone here wants to arm the little guys against the bully in southeast asia. Did China even bother responding to that foolishness? Odd how people don’t know if they want to be the world police or disarm our military so we can’t be.

Big of us to arm someone against the bully and leave and wish them well. I don’t like it but I suppose in street justice it was fair. I guess what he said in so many words was “good luck”. You know this has become anything that looks good for “legacy” which imho is rather ocd at this point and full of it.

Maybe I’m to critical of the President? :slight_smile:


It seems like he’s building on his legacy with Cuba.
Maybe North Korea is next?


Whoever is considering Viet Nam to counter China’s expansion in the South China Sea is behind the power curve and not a very good history buff. China was big muscle for North Viet Nam - no maybe about it! China has taken advantage of these 7+ years - did nobody know what they were doing while building naval military bases along international trade routes?

I may have missed the County Commissioners meeting but rearming Viet Nam is not something I would pass on.


Maybe. This has been a bipartisan initiative for decades. I don’t see this as something that is really an Obama thing - its just part of the fabric of American diplomacy.


Whats part of our fabric, a democratic failure in Vietnam? And I don’t see bipartisan anything, You know, its very disrespectful for Obama to be calling the kingdom a bully. So he can’t do a thing but call them a name and thats “legacy”, because Obama will be right in the end? No, perish that thought !! Not logical, its not reality and its naive, and the failure of their socialism, and Obamas is on display. You have to oppose this now as we are contending to be like China with socialism. If you can’t see the flaws of this in relevance as opposed to the absolute truth, then we will walk further down the road of slavery. :shrug:

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