US man finds cold intruder in bed with him, holds him at bay with bat for police

US man finds cold intruder in bed with him, holds him at bay with bat for police
By The Associated Press

PITTSBURGH - Police say a man broke into a Pittsburgh home and climbed into bed with its owner, apparently because he was drunk and cold following a rap concert.

Homeowner Frank Fontana says he was in bed when the man climbed in about 5:30 Wednesday morning. Fontana says he asked whether it was a woman who has keys to his home - and he grabbed a baseball bat when a deep male voice answered, “No, it’s not.”

Police say Fontana kept the man at bay until police arrived but didn’t hit him with the bat.

Police say the intruder told them he was looking for shelter after a Tuesday night concert by rapper Jay-Z at the Mellon Arena.

The man, 33, faces a preliminary hearing on charges of criminal mischief and criminal trespass.

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Oh, that is pretty mild. Here in Iowa, a group of guys returned home after a night of drinking and found a stranger asleep on their couch. So they attacked him.

The victim was a sleep walker, and the guys left their apartment door unlocked. But that didn’t stop them from beating on the guy.

I guess the moral of both stories is not to leave your door unlocked.

I live on 85 acres of boondocks at least 15 miles from the outskirts of any sizable population center—and I always lock my doors.

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