US marine arrested for weapons charges in Mexico


I saw this today and was pretty surprised, I would think the US govt would have his back and not let him sit in a mexican prison, during his trial, and if he is found guilty, he will be in that horrible prison for a very long time!

I just wonder why the Govt is not doing anything about this? I realize if the tables were turned and it was a mexican soldier charged in the US for the same thing, we probably would have him in jail too, but I imagine the Mexican military would be trying to get him released.


to be more exact and explicit, read Allan Caruba’s rant on this


Why should the US government do anything for him? He is clearly guilty. He admits that he took guns into Mexico. Let him rot in prison where he can learn his lesson.


It seems pretty cut and dry. He took weapons which were illegal in the state he was in to start with, into a foreign country which does not allow them.

Regardless of his military record, that is pretty simple.


Yeah, why should this government do anything for a marine jailed in Mexico on a weapons charge?



Maybe because we do so much for mexico and for the mexican people

I already know you have no love for the american military so your post does not shock me.


Yes and hundreds of thousands of mexicans cross our border illegally which is not supposed to be allowed. I believe mexico could try to work with us on this one.


What America does for Mexico? You mean like flooding it with drug money that has allowed some of the most dangerous drug cartels and gangs achieve significant power that has led to the murder and torture of thousands? Only the most ignorant and immoral person could think that America has helped Mexico. You should go to Ciudad Juárez before you talk about what America has done for Mexico.


Why do you think they are coming? Because the scum country that is America has flooded their country with drug money. Have Americans stop sending money to drug cartels and gangs before you talk about Mexico. The problems in Mexico are because of the vile human garbage that lives in America.


That is true, if it werent for american demand for drugs, constantly, the mexican cartels and violence would not be a reality, no wiggle room on this for the US!!

Plus, they can catch one guy with some guns, but cant seem to catch the massive truckloads of weapons going into mexico on a daily basis…Drugs come out of Mexico, guns and money flow back in…this happens many times daily!!


Nah, we’d classify him as an illegal alien and turn him loose with a future hearing date, provide him a lawyer, and if it’s in California we’d set him up with all the relevant support organizations and help him find a job.


Give it a rest. If it were not for the government interference with the people’s desire for a produce and goods the authorities deems “BAD” there would be no excess profit in contraband. In fact, pharmacies would be selling this stuff like they did before the birth of the nanny state.
PS cannot catch guns going the other way when DOJ is pushing them.


Oh Im sure pharmacies and major drug companies know how much certain drugs are going for on the street, they know they can never have a piece of this pie either, Im sure this makes them very upset, because street price is around $1. per milligram, with some pills costing $120. PER PILL, and people will come up with the money all day long to keep buying them!! This has to **** off CEOs at big pharma companies!! LOL

Im actually surprised big pharma (as powerful as they are) are not lobbying to legalize certain street drugs…seems like it would be in their best interest, as they could out-produce the cartels since they have 10,000s of acres of poppies, strange they are not fighting for legalization…?

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