US may formally accuse ISIS of genocide


Secretary of State John Kerry signaled today that he plans to decide soon whether to formally accuse the Islamic State of genocide amid what sources describe as an intense debate within the Obama administration about how such a declaration should be worded and what it might mean for U.S. strategy against the terrorist group.


why has it taken so long?


What difference will it make? The US has restricted any real response to air bombing under the most restrictive rules of engagement since the powderpuff girls took on the dandelions. It has spent months flying out and flying back with no use of ordinance, only to find they have achieved little in stopping ISIS.
Russia on the other hand, has taken the policy used by allied bombing of Germany in WW2 and has been condemned for their successful defence of Assad and incidentally their only port in the area. Putin cannot be trusted and achieves what he does with an indiscriminate immorality. But that is not the point. The US is now retreating behind a ceasefire that will only aid its enemies. Obama is, to many, including America’s allies, a real disappointment as a leader. But look at the new candidates… we are saved! LOL


Why should the US get involved in another war? The country is not under attacked (yet). I can’t think of any excuse for a just war. Bombing the heck of somebody else backyard via drones and yet reluctant to risk any US lives doesn’t sound much of a war. Any civilian casualties are very much regretted blah blah blah.

The last example was Saddam’s Iraq. Previously it was Vietnam. If it needs to be done, the UN would be the go to place to get everyone involved. If the US wants to stand on high moral grounds, there are many many other countries where US can poke their noses , such as N. Korea which is a nut case with an almost nuclear bomb. or Tibet or some African countries. Reality is US only gets involved if it is personal or business. Morality? That’s a PR exercise. Reality is no politicians want to do body counts. Reality is US gets involved if the opponent appears an easy walkover and the costs acceptable. Tough opponents? Diplomacy and trade sanctions. That’s about it. Strategy? Not much. Pretty myopic in some cases. Take out dictators but leave the seeds of IS to bloom. And leave the attacked country is a worse state than before the intervention.


I don’t think ISIS cares a whit what we - or anyone else - says about them, or accuse them of.


Great. But what good will it do?


Russia has been helping ISIS with their bombing missions.

ISIS is accused of downing a Russian airliner; you’d think Russia would have attacked ISIS heavily but Russia has barely landed a hand on ISIS.

LOL, none of the above quote is provable.

Unfortunately, Russia has killed more civilians than ISIS fighters.

The flip-side to this is that Russia per human rights monitors has killed many civilians and aided in some of the famines in cities that have gone on as well.

For the record, Assad has already been accused of genocide at the United Nations and Assad is blamed for 70% or more of the killings in Syria. But Russia is attacking ISIS, LOL.


You mean we didn’t already do this? Smh…


That and a mosquito would cause them some minor discomfort.


Excellent! That should do the trick. :rolleyes:


White House Says It Has Not ‘Reached’ Determination That ISIS Slaughter of Christians Is Genocide

( - Asked on Monday if Islamic State terrorists are carrying out a campaign of genocide against Syria’s Christians, White House Spokesman Josh Earnest said the word genocide “involves a very specific legal determination that has, at this point, not been reached.”

He condemned the terrorists’ “willingness to target religious minorities, including Christians.”

Earnest noted that the Obama administration has long expressed its concerns over ISIS/ISIL’s “slaughter” of religious minorities in Iraq and Syria.


what is there left to think about to make the determination?


It would be about time. ISIS has definitely engaged in genocide against Christians and Yazidis.


I thought we had a thread as well that the UN did accuse ISIS of genocide.

Someone did finally.


Technically it has not committed genocide against Christians, the Yazidi on the other hand have definitely been targeted.


The US has a long history of delaying in identifying (and often ultimately failing to label) genocides.


Well, duh.


Once the U.S. labels something a genocide it and other signatories of an international treaty are obliged to step in militarily.


Exactly. And the US has proven over and over that it will only engage militarily if there’s something in it for us.


I don’t know what constitutes genocide, but it is estimated that America has killed more than 20 million people since WW2. And then there was Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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