US navy to name ship after gay rights icon Harvey Milk

From today’s Guardian:

The United States navy will name a ship after gay rights icon Harvey Milk, the first openly gay elected official in California, according to a report by US Naval Institute (USNI) News.

LGBT activists in San Diego and San Francisco had campaigned for the navy to honor Milk and other LGBT individuals who have served in the armed forces despite being officially banned until 2011.

Good grief, is this where PC has brought us?

There are much better people to name a ship after.

Okay, because the U.S.S. Harvey Milk is going to help us secure the free trade zones, advance our position against terror, and allow for further democratizing of the world?

What an embarrassment! All of our allies will laugh at us! :sad_bye:

It seems this class of ships will be named after persons who championed the rights of oppressed Americans.

Quoting from the news article:

[quote=The Guardian]Other ships in the John Lewis-class of fleet oilers will be named after former supreme court chief justice Earl Warren, Robert F Kennedy, women’s rights activist Lucy Stone, and Sojourner Truth. The John Lewis class is named for civil rights legend and congressman John Lewis of Georgia.

I am not so sure. The British navy names its fleet oilers after leaves, e.g. the RFA Plumleaf, the RFA Cherryleaf, the RFA Oakleaf, etc.

Fleet oilers are not warships.

Im sure the Village People would be proud…remember that popular song ‘In the Navy’!

Im not sure what they were trying to imply about the Navy though (popular for gay men?, like the YMCAs were back then).

Will the new ship become the flagship of a Rear Admiral?

To the extent that this commissioning is nothing more or less than honoring defenders of oppressed people, it is fitting.

But the commander-in-chief’s vision of how America must see homosexuality is something else. There can be no doubt that the personal convictions of sailors are under assault in a way they were not when I served. This is about increasing the non-tolerance of views at odds with his.

He really is impressive.


Seriously, they should just call it the U.S.S. Milk, and let others guess at whether the Milk in question is Harvey Milk, mother’s milk or donkey’s milk. This is just silly. :smiley:

I don’t think it really matters what you name the ship. As long as it gets the job done.

What terrible news.

You wouldn’t see a problem with the symbolism of naming a ship uss David Duke?

You have a good point.

Members of the KKK would probably have a problem with the symbolism of naming a ship USS Martin Luther King.

Yeah, maybe we should stay away from controversial figures…which if you think about it, severely limits the amount of names we have for ships.

I know we have named ships after Presidents and U.S. States but those are finite lists that can be easily exhausted. We need to rethink our naming policy.

Thanks. The naming of new ships, and the name of the ship you serve on, does get the attention of sailors, and affects their view of the navy they serve in. Much as we made fun of our own ship, and our leaders and legends, we did generally have a great deal of pride and respect for them…because we felt it was deserved.

As Thorolfr pointed out, however, finding names for ships without offending somebody becomes difficult.

It is okay, folks. The ship is just a USNS ship. It is a civilian manned ship not a warship.

:thumbsup: Ya beat me to it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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