US: North Korea shrinks warning time for nuclear attack


US: North Korea shrinks warning time for nuclear attack


U.S. official: N. Korean nuke threat not ‘theoretical’


By the Grace of God the earth is still in orbit.


Cold War: Part II :frowning:

But at least there is not a giant coalition of active communist countries like there once was. It’s much smaller now, even though there are many communist insurgencies now…





I hope someone is keeping an eye on them and not getting too involved in the election process over here in the US…


They think global warming is more dangerous than nuclear winter.


Hope they can Hang Fire a while longer …
Going to Japan next month for a Cruise ,

Sadly people don’t seem to realise in a Nuclear war…
Everyone losses …
We don’t have another planet to run or fly to .,


I agree with previous poster. Nuclear war=everyone looses…



::gopray2: Asking God to postpone the nuclear holocaust so you can enjoy your cruise.:wink: But seriously, it looks like a lot of fun. Have a fun and safe trip. Is a visit to Akita part of the itinerary?

The closest planet we have is Mars, a 6-month journey when the Earth and mars are closest as they orbit around the sun. If you’ve watched The Martian, you know living on Mars is not like a day at the beach.

Not Sure,,,, we arrive in Tokyo on the 13 th,,, 4. Days in Tokyo ,,

Then sail to South Korea ,then back to Tokyo then up to some place in Russia,then down the west coast of Japan, it’s on a Princess ship, my Wife does all the arranging,
I just carry the bags and follow, taking Helens mother with us, Her mom is fantastic company, Not sure if Akita is on the list,
The cruise is actually 2. Trips in one, if you like a little research ,you can find it on Google
Google is mankinds best friend, Fido is now in second place,lol

Just Checked,Diamond Princess ,



We have nowhere to run to if we Distroyed planet Earth,,,,  NOWHERE !!!!!
Sadly Humanity is the weakest link in our own survival


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