US nuclear bombs stored in Turkey ‘are at risk of being seized by terrorists’


Dozens of US nuclear bombs stored at Turkish air base ‘are at risk of being seized by terrorists’
Around 50 nuclear bombs are sitting barely 70 miles from the Syrian border.
Why do the Americans need to store nuclear bombs in Turkey? Considering that Turkey was almost overthrown by a coup and that ISIS is close by, this seems to be pretty dangerous to me. Innocent people can be blown up and these weapons which if in the wrong hands, could start a world war. .


If they get in the hands of the terrorists I wonder who will get blamed? Why are they there? It seems careless of the US to leave them that near violent people who love to blow up things.


this news is very frightening!


I Doubt the U S Military would be so Casual with their Nuclear weponary ,
Hard to Believe,


They seem to be safe and secure…for the time being. ‘Grow new leaders…’ :confused:

*US nukes ‘safe and secure’ in Turkey, says Air Force chief

“They obviously are our ally. We stand with them, they’re an effective air force, and Incirlik is an important location for our joint fight,” James said at the State of the Air Force briefing last week, according to the Air Force Times.

“Of course, it’s concerning because with so many members of the [Turkish] leadership gone, it’s going to take them time to grow new leaders and replace, so it remains to be seen what happens next,” she added. “Incirlik is a key location, Turkey overall is a very important ally.”*


George Bush probably:rolleyes:


The Air Force does not have a completely sterling record when it comes to guarding nuclear weapons. 2007 United States Air Force nuclear weapons incident


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