US oil reserves surpass those of Saudi Arabia and Russia


Interesting story. This could have some significant long term impacts to global affairs.


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I have no idea if this is what that link may have been referring to, and I don’t want to hijack the thread, but this is my guess:

The article is pretty balanced, I would say. It talks about how the U.S. is estimated to have enough natural gas to supply it’s energy needs for about the next one hundred years. Or, as John Kerry puts it, “We are the Saudi Arabia of natural gas.”

There’s another thread where the downsides to this are being argued about.


Strange, it didn’t do that when I originally posted. Here’s a link to the article reposted on CNBC.


If the price of oil and gas drop enough, then perhaps Russia and Saudi Arabia will be less able to finance their mischief.

Madrassas for Saudi Arabia.

Bribes to the Clinton Foundation(s) … read “Clinton Cash” for the details for Russia and Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan and the other “stan” .


This development has been detrimental to OPEC. No longer can they hold the world hostage by cutting back on production and causing the rest of the world to bleed. America now has the opportunity to become energy independent if only those in power would stop fighting what is best for this country and imposing their own personal agenda.


Does this mean that “peak oil” is done?

Is “peak oil” false now?

Was “peak oil” always false?



You have to wonder why some US politicians oppose pipelines and refineries that would make US manufacturing more competitive and secure by exploiting those resources, even though those investments would be made with private money. They also oppose LNG export terminals for our excess gas that could lessen the control Russia and unstable Middle East countries have over our European allies.

You might want to check to see if any of those politicians have received substantial amounts of money from those same countries. (hint HRC).

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