US Post Office goes Politically Correct - Updated

US Post Office goes Politically Correct - Updated

She asks if they have any classic Christmas stamps and the man pulls out a couple of sheets of last year’s Madonna and Child. Mom notices he doesn’t seem happy and he says to her, “These are all I have and they’ll be the last you ever see.” Mom asks, “What do you mean?” He explains the USPS will not be issuing any more “religious” stamps.

This is interesting.
I went to our local post office and asked for the religious Christmas stamps and was given 2 sheets of last year’s Madonna and Child stamp. I didn’t think to question it since I think it’s a beautiful stamp.
When I’d bought stamps at the grocery store last, they gave me a sheet of santas, frostys and gingerbread stamps that I only used to pay bills.
If this is true, I hope many (I will!) will protest to the post office.

SO what…there is a place on the net ( where you can download a pic and make it into a stamp.

Here is another link where you can make your own stamp…

I have done this in the past for weddings, birthdays and other holidays where I did not like the stamps the post office offered. I did it this year for the Christams card that we mailed…I did not like the stamp choices offered so I MADE MY OWN - as a side not…all my cards got to where they where mailed to!

I think the rumor that the U.S. Postal Service will not produce any more religious stamps for Christmas is false.

But patrons looking for a new religiously themed stamp this year are getting leftover Madonna printings from last year, touching off a wave of reports that the Postal Service was planning to discontinue religiously themed Christmas stamps.

“It’s absolutely not true,” said Diana Svoboda, spokeswoman for the Pittsburgh district. Next year’s printing will include a new Madonna and the price stamped over her left shoulder will explain why a new one wasn’t printed this year: Rates are going up to 39 cents per letter Jan. 8.

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