US Presidential Election - PLEASE READ


I would like to remind all members of your promise to post charitably when you joined the forums.

Some people will be disappointed by the results and some will be elated, most will be somewhere in the middle. All members are to always post charitably and kindly here. This is not the place to gloat or lash out.

Participants are strongly reminded that charity is essential to our discussions here.

If you wish to review the subject, please see [thread=132852]Charity[/thread] for specifics, or [thread=116150]CAF rules[/thread] for an overview, both of which are located in the Rules of the Road sub-forum.

Please also read the forum rules at the top of the forum.

A lot is expected of all of you





I am starting to suspend users who are gloating, lashing out or in other ways posting uncharitably.









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