US public want overturning Roe vs Wade


New poll says majority of US public want overturning Roe vs Wade Supreme Court ruling


There is no need to overturn it. Congress could pass a law saying personhood begins at conception. The abortion right supposedly hinges on this being an open question. They could also pass a law stripping federal courts from having jurisdiction over abortion. Ron Paul submitted such a bill in 2005. The supposedly pro life Republican majority Congress ignored it.


That’s nice but my cynical side says “Gee. A poll about abortion conducted by a Catholic organization gave the exact answer it wanted to hear.” :rolleyes:

I would be interested in seeing more polls from non partisan organizations.


Maybe, but there does seem to have been a huge shift in public opinion on the subject in the last year or two, mainly because of PPs metal research scandal. The Mexico City Policy is back in force. There are articles about abortion clinics closing posted on this site all the time. The tide has turned.


Here’s a different set of polling data that disagrees with the poll cited by the OP.


And another set:


It should never have been passed to begin with! Our country is guilty of the murder of millions of innocent babies.

God must be very sad…:sad_yes:


I suspect a fair reason why the GOP hasn’t been as adamant is because not enough pro-life folks are making their voices heard that is specifically what they want.

On some level the voters need to step up to the plate because all the GOP has been getting prior to 2016 is “tread carefully or single women, Hispanics and independents will never vote for you again and you’ll be a dead party”.

I can promise there are PLENTY of pro-life folks in those demographics.


Overturning Roe vs Wade will not end abortions, just as it’s inception didn’t ‘start’ abortions. What it will do is put abortion mills back into the shadows and back alleys. What we need to do as Christian Catholics is spread the gospel, God’s law for humanity, love your neighbor as yourself, the ten commandments, DO NOT MURDER. That is what needs to change.

Make abortion clinics go out of business because they HAVE NO clientele.


This is a good argument. I am actually pro-life, but oppose the new Trump executive orders, because they are simply bans on funding without sufficient programs/funding/care on the back-end to help those affected, which of course will be the poor.

I know you may not even agree with me, but I think this is a profound post.


A lot of this depends on how the questions are asked.


Fair enough, but that is a critique of polls generally and not simply of this poll.


That assumes that there are no people who would ever want an abortion. Some want abortions, period. Some don’t want to take care of the baby or put the baby up for adoption. I agree we want to make abortion far less viable, but I think it’s a naive view of human free will that everyone will go along with that. Again, that’s not to say we can’t work harder to make abortion less viable.


I thought we didn’t trust polls?


Abortion is dark and awful.
Keeping abortion clinics open and out of shadowy back alleys cancels itself out.
No more murdering the most vulnerable humans!


I disagree. Roe v. Wade fundamentally takes the abortion question out of the hands of the electorate and into the hands of a handful of justices. Overturning Roe v. Wade doesn’t change that reality, but reversal would signal reversing law that is not found in the Constitution.


Be that as it may, the situation is what the situation is. Abortions happen in this country no matter how abhorrent we think they are. And the reality is that even if Roe v. Wade was overturned tomorrow, abortions would not suddenly disappear in this country. Rather, abortions would go underground and be relegated to “back alley” operations in probably less than septic environments which would put the woman’s health at an even greater risk.

To really eliminate abortions will require a wholesale change of the hearts and minds of the whole population to the point that the whole idea is morally repugnant to everyone. That’s the challenge we face.


Right. The Sexual Revolution was real. It’s no accident that during that time, the Holy Spirit guided John Paul II to expound on something called Theology of the Body. This is bigger than abortion. As much as people dismiss the word, much of this boils down to philosophy. So in the meantime, I will try to support the pregnancy clinics reaching out to the poor in an authentic Catholic way, support prolife doctors, and anyone in academe fighting on that front. And pray, of course, for marriage.


This is not true. You might not be aware of this, but abortion was legal before Roe v. Wade.

Overturning Roe v. Wade would allow the citizens of this country decide for themselves whether or not it ought to remain legal. Many states would still have legal abortion if Roe v. Wade is overturned.


The idea of “back alley” abortions is the mantra of the libs. Even before RvW, safe abortions there were physicians who performed abortions. In my own town, there was a clinic, named as a hospital, that had physician performed abortions. It was common knowledge. IMO other localities had the same thing. I doubt RvW can be overturned unless a case comes before the SC again, but I don’t think our tax dollars have to pay for it.

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