US Republican Presidential Contenders Head to Crucial Debate [VOA]


**US Republican Presidential Contenders Head to Crucial Debate **

The U.S. Republican presidential candidates are headed to a crucial debate late Thursday, with Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Texas Senator Ted Cruz looking to curb the electoral momentum for the front-runner, billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump.

Over 1200 delegates are needed to win the nomination. Trump actually has only about 79 so far and so many people say it is already over? Super Tuesday will tell us more but perhaps a lot of the total primary season remains to determine the results.


Well this is so weird, we had another thread on the debate, and I posted on it a couple times, and now it’s gone.

Anyway, I was laughing really hard through a lot of it. Cruz and Rubio were on fire. Trump was cracking me up when he kept repeating his health care plan of “removing the lines around the states”.

But boy, when Trump is talking it’s always about great he is, and how he’s done more than anyone on the stage for Israel ( lol really?) ect ect. He’s just so arrogant. And when he’s not talking, he just stands there with his nose in the air, eyes glaring and a smirk on his face.


He sucks all the air out of the room…really just such a big distraction.


If Trump does well Tuesday, in any other year it wouldn’t be unusual to then say the candidate with what could be his number of victories is on his way to the nomination if not the Presidency. There is something called momentum.

I only watched the 2nd half of the debate. But mostly all I saw was a lot of back and forth over who is lying and this and that and a lot of talking over one another.


One needs over 1200 delegates, right now, Trump leads with 79 delegates.

I don’t know, maybe it’s over, maybe there is a long way to go.


Oh yes, and Trumps repeated statements about how Planned Parenthood has helped millions and millions of women.


The really entertaining part was in the first half.


Rough count, on page 1 of the world news forum, 10 threads have word “Trump” in the title and it looks like there are 40 total threads on the same page. 1 out of every 4 stories is on Trump.


So I heard. I was watching American Idol’s final season. During which I sent a text to a cousin who likes in no particular order, Carson, Rubio, Trump, Kasich, Bernie. Her least favorite is Cruz. I asked now with Jeb gone and he and DT not going at it, are things calmer? Her reply was, calmer? Are you kidding me!?


lol and he also said only 3% of planned infanticide…I mean…parenthood’s business is abortion!

Cruz again strongly vowed to defund planned infanticide…I mean… parenthood


I thought they all did well, I kind of dislike the way it seems like the debate was about the 3 and the other two, Kasich and Carson were very much in the background. I think both of them had good contributions.

As I have said, Kasich has a wide amount of experience and fields most of the questions well.

I watched NewsMax and Huckabee’s comment, paraphrasing, there is surely one thing one can say about Trump, he fights, people like him because he sticks up for himself and he would stick up for the US.

I missed some of the debate, if Kasich said something like gay marriage has been decided so let’s move on, I disagree with that.


Speaking of American Idol, how about that Dalton! Great rocker. LePorsha, Sonika, and Trent were great too!

Anyway, hope Trump goes down in the polls after this debate.


To be fair, he said that Planned Parenthood claims it’s 3%: “…which they say is 3%, I don’t know what percentage it is, they say it’s 3%, but I would defund it because I’m pro-life…”


Was Dalton’s and Trum… er… I mean Trent’s best that I’ve seen to date. But overall either Sonika or Laporsha would be my pick for the final idol. :thumbsup:


I don’t think Trump is a conservative. I think he plays one on TV.

I know that Cruz is a conservative and will fight tooth and nail for his agenda.

Rubio is conservative too, though I find it curious as to why he supports the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Why do we want the government getting in between trade from Asia?

Carson is a genuinely honest man. His faith inspires me. I don’t think his plans on healthcare (Health Empowerment Accounts) are necessarily the way to go. He is a neurosurgeon, however, so perhaps he understands the healthcare system better than I do.

Kasich…meh. Wishy washy conservative who implemented big government Obamacare in his state.


In the 10th Republican debate, Donald Trump was finally treated like a front-runner: He was relentlessly attacked, sometimes on the same personal terms that Trump has hurled at others.

Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) sought to turn Trump’s biggest strength — his business record — into a weakness, casting him as a shady actor who peddled a “fake” university and used undocumented immigrants on a major project.

“If he hadn’t inherited $200 million, you know where Donald Trump would be? Selling watches in Manhattan,” Rubio said at one point. He began and ended the debate with veiled jabs at the way the reality TV star has changed this race: “The silliness. This looniness!” Rubio said in his closing statement.


It’s about time.


Additionally, the project might have collapsed even if Trump had been the developER.


We’ll see how it translates into votes for Cruz and Rubio. It should become apparent and would have to real soon. Trump wants to draw lines around the states. :wink:


Cruz lost big time. He overdid it and looked desperate. Every answer of his was an attack. Rubio did better but his talk about Israel showed that it’s all just talk. He thinks that if he stands wih israel strongly enough peace would soon come to that region.

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