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Is/Was anyone on here in the US reserves at one time (any branch)? I am thinking of looking into it, but was wondering if there is any information or tips etc that you have about it? Preferably the Air Force, though I am open to any. I am mainly wondering if you think school is still possibility (I am a nursing student). Thanks =]


The military is ALWAYS in need of nurses, and may in fact pay for nursing school. You will probably have to agree to a certain number of years on active duty as payback.

Get thee to a recruiter! They can help you sort out your options and get the info you need.


My husband just retired from the Army Reserve. Speaking to a recruiter is your best way to go. They will answer all of your questions, and hopefully, you can talk to someone who is currently going through the program.


Hehe, thanks. I have an appointment on Friday :slight_smile:


My son Has been in the Army Reserves since he was 22 years old. He is currently serving his first tour of duty in Iraq (Please keep him and his family in your prayers) He went in because he did not knowwhat he wanted to do. The army assigned to become a LPN(nursing.) It was the best thing ever to happen to him. They paid for him to get his BSN and then paid for him to get his CRNA (masters). Throughout it all he has love it. He is currently a Captain and hopes to make Major by the time he is done with his 20 years (6 more to go). We have been blessed that this is his first tour of duty, becasuse of working on his masters. He has been home for the birth’s of his 3 children and for his siblings weddings and graduations. I realize that it is luck, but it has been a good situation for him. We are so proud of him and are proud of you thinking about serving your country. I hope this helps you
God Bless


Don’t forget to look into the Coast Guard reserves! It’s often forgotten about, but it’s a really cool branch!


That is so wonderful!!! I am so proud of you son, what a wonderful man!
I am beginning my LPN classes in March, and it will last a year. I was hoping to enlist half way through the year long program and hope that the military will pay for me to get my BSN. I am very excited. That is so neat that he got his CRNA!

Did he join as enlisted, and then become an officer after he got his BSN? Is that a difficult process?

That helped alot, thanks =]


Thanks, I will look into it! =)

I talked with the Air National Guard last week! I noticed that they also get forgotten about hehe…


Good luck with the LPN classes, It will be well worth it. To answer your question he did join as an enlisted ,and worked up to become Sargent ( I think staff Sargent), then after he received his BSN and worked 1500 hours in nursing , he became an officer. As I said before, the Armry has been a very good choice for him. It has given him direction, when he was searching and in the end, has allowed him to become a leader that shows through in everything he does. He is doing well in Iraq --5 more months and he will be home
I hope this helps you


Thank you! It did help.
I am praying for him and his family :slight_smile: God bless him for serving our wonderful country!


Thanks and in turn I will pray for you as you discern where best to serve our country too. Keep us all informed of what your decision will be


I have been in for 11 years including one tour in Iraq. Talk to the ROTC department at your school. If you are going RN they will actually help get you through and you get out as an RN and an officer which means more money, leadership, and less of the stupid stuff that privates go through. Also during that ROTC time on campus you are non-deployable status. The problem many reservists are having right now is finding the time to go to school between deployments - one year here, a year and a half there, etc. If you are in a hands-on major then you can’t do distance learning. Many reservists have gotten degrees over the internet depending on their deployments such as finance, etc. Just some tips. Take care,

P.S.- Remember that most recruiters will sell you on enlistment only a specialized officer recruiter will even talk ROTC or OCS with you.


I was in the AF Reserves for over 20 years (1978-1999), and on active duty for 8 years before that.

You should be able to go to school and serve in the reserves or guard; deployments could be a issue, though.

In the medical field, the AF has aeromedical evacuation units. I’m not sure how things go now, but the potential for deployments of these units is probably pretty high. In addition, many AF reserve and guard units have clinics staffed by other reservists and guard members. The potential for deployment is probably lower in these career fields.

If you have the chance, you might want to visit the units that interest you. Here’s a link to the website for the 446th Airlift Wing at McChord AFB:

The units with obvious medical missions are the 446th Aerospace Medicine Squadron and the 446th Aeromedical Staging Squadron. If you can, you might call the units and visit during a drill weekend. If you can see what goes on there, you’ll have a better idea if its a good fit for you.

You would have to go through basic training here in San Antonio. Tech school would probably follow.

Let me know if you have any questions. Blessings, John (Lt. Col, USAFR Retired).

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