US says Russian campaign in Syria helping ISIS [AP]


**US says Russian campaign in Syria helping ISIS **

WASHINGTON (AP) - The U.S. says Russia’s counterterrorism campaign in Syria is actually helping the Islamic State.

Brett McGurk, the Obama administration’s point-man for defeating the group, says a Russian-backed offensive in northern Syria is drawing local fighters away from the battle against the Islamic State, and to the front lines in the war against the Syrian government.

McGurk tells the House Foreign Affairs Committee, “What Russia’s doing is directly enabling ISIL.”




In other news, ‘Russians damned if they do, damned if they don’t’.


I’m sorry, are we supposed to believe what this administration is telling us? They lost all credibility after Bengahzi when they left their own citizens to be slaughtered. I can not believe anything these people have to say.


Our military is saying this, did one read the article? And excuse me, I see nothing to believe about what an unfree nation run by a billionaire and where political opponents and journalists are routinely threatened or worse. And as of yesterday, the UN and believe me, you can say you don’t believe them either, accused Assad of extermination.

Perhaps, I will have some thoughts as to whom is more believable!


I don’t see anything in the article where McGurk substantiates the accusation. He just mutters platitudes. True or not true? Who knows.


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