US Security Officials Concerned By Lack of Russia Experts


US Security Officials Concerned By Lack of Russia Experts…


I don’t believe this at all. You never let your enemy, or potential enemy, know that you don’t know. As a student of intelligence gathering from the Cold War period to date, I consider this report to be a ploy.

I bet you could get a boatload of Russians to the US, pay them well and train them. Heck, put them in a room by themselves and just have them translate. Have our satellites and drones stopped photographing the region? A trainload of tanks heading to potential hot spots got missed or missed on the ground? I don’t think so.



My high school offered 4 years of Russian way back in the dark ages, and it may have saved the life of one of my friends. When he was drafted, the Army found his ability to read and speak Russian made him way too valuable to send to the jungles of Vietnam. He later became a professor of business at a major university and earned tons of money as a consultant when the Soviet Union collapsed. He also spoke Polish, which he learned from his parents.

Offering Russian at a high school was possible because, as a private school, there was not a lot of red tape required. We had a band teacher who had lived in Russia and he offered to teach the courses.

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