US seeks light on shadowy online data collection




As an online marketer, I don’t blame regular consumers for being ignorant about data brokers. My job is the only reason why I’ve even heard of it.

Still, I don’t like it when privacy advocates try make this a one-sided crusade. You don’t use Facebook? Fine. Afraid of Google? Okay.

Just don’t blame us for not giving you any automatic suggestions about a product or making it easier to find whatever is you’re looking to purchase. As you notice, I say this in very general terms because that’s pretty much the marketing MO of a lot of online businesses. Most of them want to know about you simply because they’re looking to find a problem they can help with (albeit at a price of course, but that’s why they call it a business).

Sure, the data isn’t always perfect but calling for everyone to go under the radar and then expect me to read your mind when you want to buy something is one more addition to cuckoo customer stories.


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