US struggles with surge in illegal immigrant children



Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of the nation continues.


What? Are they his kids? (Is there a smilie for shocked bewilderment?)


Maybe the US could handle these “illegal” children if we reformed our immigration laws. Immigrants are a blessing to the United States not a curse. The Industrial Revolution likely would’ve have happened in America if it was not for the abundant amount of cheap labor that the Irish, Polish, Italians, German and many other groups provided when millions of them sought out a better life. It always amuses me when people like Bill O’Reilly Sean Hannity or Charles **krauthammer ** criticize politicians for letting in immigrants.


The problem most people have is not with “immigrants” but with those here *illegally, *those who have broken our laws in order to live here. Even the CCC says that immigrants should respect the laws of the nations they come to.

And the entry of people illegally causes a huge number of problems for us. Those who are not involved in serious criminal activity provide a screen for those who are, and there are many who enter who are ill. We now have problems with ddiseases long eradicated because of people coming in wit TB and other illnesses.

I have no problem with reforming our immigration laws to allow people to come in in an orderly fashion with some oversight.

I have a huge problem with a government (not just this administration!) which does not do its job to protect the borders.

Those people who came to the US and fueled our Industrial Revolution came through Ellis Island, where they were checked for diseases, etc, before being allowed to stay.


Except that today we don’t need that cheap labor - we have plenty of unemployed and underemployed American citizens.


All three of them seem quite fine with LEGAL immigration. Krauthammer even mentions amnesty in the Daily Caller article last April:

In the future, I’d steer away from American left-wing generalizations. :thumbsup:


I don’t understand why this is happening all of a sudden. How can they be flown from texas and just dumped in arizona.

Something tells me this is being organized by people who are pushing for immigration reform.


I don’t have a problem with legal immigrants but I do have a problem with illegal immigrants. For one thing, as another mentioned, they are sometimes involved in serious crime and they can bring serious illnesses here we have been eradicated in our nation for quite some time. There is also the fact that often times they end up on welfare which we taxpayers pay in to. I am not saying they shouldn’t have help but I personally do not think it is right for them to get free help in the form of welfare from our taxes which was meant to go to citizens and people who immigrated here legally and payed into the system.


The big businesses who are hoping to drive wages down further disagree with you, of course.

Saw an interview with a factory owner in the upper midwest who was leaning hard on his Republican congressman to go for amnesty about a year ago. He was planning on building a factory but only if amnesty passed so he could staff it entirely with immigrants. He was very open about it. At the time his state’s unemployment rate was in the 8% range.

I assume he had decided that most of those 8% unemployed American citizens that were his neighbors would probably want a living wage, and would have the English skills and education to complain if there was a violation of labor laws or OSHA regulations.

This is why facebook is driving hard on the immigration train too. It’s not like they’re aren’t plenty of American IT/CS workers willing to work for them. They’re just expensive.

ETA: A lot of farmers are also complaining about not getting workers and they want amnesty beacuse “American’s won’t do the job”. Well, if you combine the easy access to government benefits with the farmers also not willing to pay a living wage, yeah, people won’t work for you. Start paying people appropriately and maybe you won’t have to exploit uneducated third worlders.


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