US Study: Listening To Music With Degrading Sexual Lyrics Linked to Early Sexual Experiences

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PITTSBURGH, February 25, 2009 ( - Researchers at Pittsburgh University School of Medicine have found that teenagers who regularly listened to music with explicit and aggressive sexual phrases were twice as likely to be engaged in sexual activity compared to those who avoided such music.
Writing in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, lead researcher Dr. Brian A. Primack said, "This study demonstrates that, among this sample of young adolescents, high exposure to lyrics describing degrading sex in popular music was independently associated with higher levels of sexual behavior.
“In fact, exposure to lyrics describing degrading sex was one of the strongest associations with sexual activity … These results provide further support for the need for additional research and educational intervention in this area.”
The press release from the American Journal of Preventive Medicine announcing the results of the study points out that sexual activity among adolescents in the United States results in over 750,000 teenage pregnancies each year. With reports of up to 25 percent of all female adolescents in the US having sexually transmitted infections, researchers and public health officials are looking for those factors that might increase sexual activity in teens.

What do you listen to? When the adults listen to things they would not want their children to listen to then IMHO you can’t tell you children no.

Garbage in garbage out. is an old saying.

I have no studies to back it up, but I expect that a great many kids engage in early sexual experience because the adults in their lives expect it of them. They rise to the level of our expectations.

Of this I quite agree. Their teachers, pastors, parents and other adults just end to expect the behaviors. Do you think it is because this is how the teacher, pastors and parents were raised?

Well, anecdotally, I disagree. My mom expected me to engage in early sexual experience, but I didn’t. I can remember one time, when I was headed out to meet my girlfriend at age 15, she told me “you better be using a condom!” I remained a virgin until I was 19…and I was non-religious during those years.

On the flipside, we have done our best with our children, teaching them our faith and trying to counterbalance society. However, my oldest had his first sexual experience at age 14.

Now, when I say “we have done our best,” we have turned the TV off as some recommend. I think that may help some, but you have to be pretty draconian to completely shield your child from the oversexualization of society - homeschool, control all media content, etc. I guess we just don’t take it that far.

That is a good question to which I don’t know the answer. I know that my parents and those of all of my friends expected their children not to have sex until they got married. And so, mostly they didn’t. Talking to some parents who are younger than me, it’s apparent that they pretty much expect, whether consciously stated or not, that their kids will engage in sexual experimentation. They just want them to be “safe.” We seem to be giving children the message, whether explicity or implicitly, that we know they are going to have sex before marriage, but would rather they wait until they are “ready,” whatever that means. Given such low expectations, it’s unsurprising that children meet them.

That’s good to hear. I hope that many young people are like you were in this respect. There’s nothing that says they have to follow the culture. They can certainly be countercultural; if society is to survive and prosper, they almost have to be.

And I agree that even when parents do their best, the overwhelming sexualization coming from all areas of society is a burden nearly impossible to overcome.

How do they prove this stuff? I listen to the same rock and roll music that had the same degrading lyrics and am still celibate. I think there are other factors outside music that influence this and am fed up with ridiculous studies.

Actually, we have to be very careful in interpreting these types of studies. What they show is a correlation which doesn’t necessarily imply causation. There could be a number of other factors which the authors don’t control for that are driving the results. I have not read the full study, so I really can’t comment on specifics.

And earlier and earlier. Forget lyrics…look at what’s on telly: anyone here ever see “Toddlers and Tiaras”? I’ve only seen adverts, but it makes me want to vomit…literally.

Grist for another thread-mill…

I totally agree. I get literally sooooo sick to my stomach when I see those adverts. I can’t believe there is such a show on tv.

The said the same stuff about Elvis.

I am serious when I ask you to remember when the sexual revolution started. As much as I like his Christian music he was part of the beginning of the problems.

Compare an Elvis performance to a Madonna performance, or to numerous groups that I am too unhip to know.

I don’t think Elvis started the sexual revolution. When I was a kid I remember all these experts saying listening to rock and roll was going to make us drug addicts well it didn’t happen to the majority of us.

Now who the people didn’t listen to was the Pope. When the PILL became legal he predicted all the stuff that’s going on today.

If you think about it I believe it started with the Anglican church of England in the 1930’s said it was ok to practice birth control then most of the Protestant churches followed.

Prior to the 1930’s all Protestant churches forbid birth control just like the Catholic Church has done for over two thousand years.

Not music.

I blame…


Discussing moral reasoning with children will be more effective than anything else. Many teenagers are naturally rebellious. having sex and pregnancy too early is medically unwise. A child cannot give “informed consent” to sexual activity in any case as they do not have adult reasoning powers.

In short, if a child/teenager sees the reason and wisdom of celibacy thenthey will not indulge in it, and will be immune to any musical or other temptation. On the other hand, a disciplined teenager child can be harmlessly entertained by sexy music and yet not sleep around.

But I will concede we are dealing with powerful urges here, forged by evolution. It is a parent’s right to give moral direction to their children. Forbid them sex by all means, reason with them, but supply them with condoms. To prevent disease and pregnancy. Putting my theological meme in charge for the moment: “A teenager that dies of AIDS is not a soul saved.”

How do you know whether that teenager is saved or not? Fact is you don’t. While we should do all we can to prevent them from dying of AIDS, they can have a true conversion after acquiring HIV and still be saved.

I am for the better safe then sorry with the type of “entertainment” that comes into our home. People have become so NUMB that they just don’t see the trees because of the forest. If it were just one of the many types of “entertainment” the long term effect would not be so corrupting on the population. We are bombarded with everything we hear, see, smell and touch. It is not getting better people just don’t seem to “notice” any longer and this is part of the problem. Look up the definition of “conditioning” and “group control”.

Moral beliefs are based on teaching and training. When we as a society remove God from the equasion we then turn our population into only animals and the behaviors are then not surprising and abnormal. There no longer is a “choice” but an “expectation” of the choices made. So we now expect the behaviors and society is responsible for the control and consequences.

I concur it’s that darn Levi Strauss!

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