US survey shows dramatic rise in acceptance of same-sex relationships


From today’s Guardian:

US public acceptance of sexual activity between two adults of the same sex has nearly quadrupled since 1990.

According to a national survey of more than 30,000 Americans, those who view sexual activity between two adults of the same sex as being “not wrong at all” increased from 13% in 1990 to 49% in 2014. The shift was even greater for adults under the age of 30, with the proportion rising from 15% to 63% during the same time period.

The number of people reporting that they have themselves had at least one sexual partner of the same sex since they were 18 also increased. For men the figure went from 4.5% to 8.2% and for women it increased from 3.6% to 8.7%, between the two time periods of 1989-1994 and 2010-2014.

“We think the big driver here is rising individualism - we think this is a cultural level effect,” said Ryne Sherman of Florida Atlantic University, who co-authored the research.

The shift, say the authors, is mainly driven by an increase in bisexual behaviour - a trend seen across all age groups and generations over time. Only 3.1% of adults reported bisexual behaviour in the early 90s, compared to 7.7% in the 2010s. The proportion of men and women who only had sexual experiences with members of the same sex stayed constant.


I’m a little sceptical of polls numbers regarding acceptance and/or opposition to same-sex relationships and, same-sex marriage. Not that they have been manipulated, but it’s known that polls have underestimated opposition to same-sex marriage:

One of the reasons The Washington Post provides as a reason for the same-sex marriage polling “discrepancy” is that people basically don’t want to be seen as “intolerant” “so they hide their true anti-gay marriage beliefs from pollsters.”

Obviously the issue of same-sex marriage and relationships is a very sensitive issue. I’m not a pollster but I suspect this poll may be underestimating opposition to same-sex relationships for similar reasons as polls may have underestimated opposition to same-sex marriage.




Liberal family was all for “rights” of all until a granddaughter declared herself a lesbian. That changed VERY quickly. Now they were faced with a situation they previously felt they had a handle on.

The girl/woman is question later decided, many years later, that she wasn’t really a lesbian. :confused: Today, she’s married.



Propaganda works. 100 years ago most people would have agreed that contraception was a moral ill. 70 years ago people would have been horrified by wide spread celebration of infanticide via abortion. Assuming the poll is anywhere near accurate it just shows that western society is embracing their slide into the mouth of Satan.

All this poll tells us is that people have abandoned Christian teachings and any concept of morality consistent with the Christian faith.

I somehow doubt that the Lord will look at a soul that embraced all this filth and go, “Oh, sorry I looked at the polls and you were right. Good thing you weren’t born 200 years ago when this would have eternally separated you from me.”


The more that people are connected, the faster social influence occurs. Combine this with low levels of clarity about the norms of civilized human behavior, and you get a very fast turn into an unenlightened society.

The speed at which threshold levels of social change are being reached has become very fast. But those who are not influenced by threshold levels of peer pressure, I mean those who hold to their principles, have the same speed available to them in order to combat ignorance of enlightened societal norms. CAF is a good example of principled people explaining why Catholic teachings hold water in an enlightened society.


Just like a father who praises a young man right before he finds out that he’s dating his daughter…:smiley:

Christi pax,



No duh, in a country that has made an idolatry of personal choice.



I’ve personally know “lesbians” who later “became” straight and got married. Makes you wonder how etched in concrete these gender and homosexual identities are.


As a great man once wrote in his Screwtape Letters:

“The use of fashions in thought is to distract men from their real dangers. We [demons] direct the fashionable outcry of each generation against those vices of which it is in the least danger, and fix its approval on the virtue [like compassion and lack of judgment] that is nearest the vice [like blindly throwing away objective morality] which we are trying to make endemic. The game is to have them all running around with fire extinguishers whenever there’s a flood; and all crowding to that side of the boat which is already nearly gone under.”


They’re probably bisexual. Sexuality usually falls on a spectrum from exclusively heterosexual at one end to exclusively homosexual at the other end. Most people probably fall somewhere in between with the potential to be attracted to both sexes, although they are not usually perfectly bisexual and are more attracted to one sex or the other.


Is this based on evidence and examination and knowledge of the parties in question, or is it based on question-begging and a lack of desire to interact with known counter-examples in a meaningful way?


I don’t think I’ve ever seen credible evidence of anyone who changed their sexual orientation in the long term. Even organizations like Exodus International, which was the biggest ex-gay organization in the country, later admitted that most of their clients did not achieve total and lasting change. Most people who have gone through such programs have learned to suppress and control same-sex desires but not to completely eliminate them.


Whatever or maybe anyone could be attracted to anyone given the right circumstances and societal pressures. I don’t think too many people would act on these attractions if there wasn’t such a push towards homosexual acceptance in this society.


But “bisexuals” can change constantly?


IOW, the intolerant bullying by the progressive movement intended to suppress opposition positions is often successful.



Just a sign of the times. The End Times that is.


We wish.

Life will go on, and long after we have gone to Purgatory with rolled-back eyes, the sexual party of our age will fade out. Then will come the backlash that will make Victorianism look like Mardi Gras.



Married men haven’t completely eliminated attraction to women that aren’t their wives, but tend to learn to suppress and control these heterosexual desires.

I’m not attacking you Mr. Thorolfr, I’m just pointing out that Church teaching on disordered desires doesn’t apply only to homosexuals, which your post served as an inspiration :smiley:

Christi pax,



Bisexuals are attracted to both sexes, so in theory they could freely switch between male and female partners. The ones who end up with a partner of the opposite sex aren’t necessarily no longer attracted to members of the same sex. They would just stop acting on those attractions.

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