US tanks arrive in Germany to help Nato defences


From BBC News.


Nothing to see here. Move along :rolleyes:


That paint scheme should come in handy with all those deserts in northern Germany.


I understand the need to add some defense to Estonia or Lithuania - but sending equipment to Germany isn’t a practical way to spend budget dollars. :shrug:


“The new forces will gather first in Poland, then fan out across seven countries from Estonia to Bulgaria, while a headquarters unit will be stationed in Germany.”

That’s on top of tanks previously shipped to Poland for “storage.”


Ah. A new Cold War. Reminds me of the last one.


Yes. Germany has a lot more than 87 tanks itself. Now, as I understand it, those 87 tanks are supposed to be spread over seven countries, from the Baltics to the Balkans.

Russia, of course, has something like 17,000 tanks, most of which are in storage, but some 800 or 900 are currently in operation. How operational the ones in storage might be is probably classified or something.


Germany may just be a transit point. The point clearly is to send a message to Russia that the Obama Administration blames them for the Democrats losing the election.

Let’s just hope they don’t start a conflict in the next 2 weeks.

And when has this government been concerned about spending too much money, especially when legacies and egos are at stake? :rolleyes:


Ah, I see. Poland and the Baltics as the destination(s) make sense.


A few US tanks paraded in Moldova, but there were huge demonstrations protesting against them.


Took long enough.




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