US to arm Israel with 3,000 smart bombs


**US to arm Israel with 3,000 smart bombs

The United States will arm Israel, a key ally in the Middle East, with 3,000 smart bombs as part of Washington’s military aid to Tel Aviv.
The Department of Defense announced that the funding for the sale will come from the military package and will be paid until the end of November 2016, Press TV reported.
The United States provides Israel with some $8.5 million in military aid per day.
The cost of the deal is estimated at $82 million, through which the Israeli Air Force will receive thousands of G-DAM model bombs.
The US military aid to Israel has prompted several demonstrations across the country against such deals.
American protesters argue that the US taxpayer money is used for more Israeli aggression against Palestinians.
The Israeli Air Force used smart bomb in its latest war on the Gaza Strip.
The besieged strip has witnessed three destructive wars since 2008.
During the latest offensive this summer, more than 2,140 Palestinians, including over 570 children, were killed and at least 11,000 others were injured.
Tens of Israelis were also killed in the war.
The Israeli attacks destroyed thousands of buildings, including the only power plant of the territory, and hit at least 223 schools in Gaza, including the UN-run schools, according to the UN.**


Wow! “Iran Daily” doesn’t like Israel! Who would have thought!?




Goodness not that is news!



America and Israel have been chums for years, in fact why has Israel never joined NATO?



The Iran newspaper making sure to give Iranians and others in the Middle East reason to hate the U.S.

I notice it nentions American protestors who they are thankful for and does not say what the Palestinians were doing that provoked the war over the summer.


It always surprises me that no big Arab nation has given the Palestinians a big weapon of some sort I guess Israel’s intelligence is pretty good.


We give a lot to Egypt too, perhaps some of the other countries in that region.


Would you like that to happen?


Israel would probably bomb that country if it did it publicly.


Provoked? You remind me of those media anchors in the US crying about Israelis hiding in bomb shelters while ignoring that Israel killed 2000 people and bombed hospitals shelters. Why doesn’t Israel stop their apartheid state and let these people form a nation? They can’t suppress them forever I hope.

Its hard for middle eastern countries to like the US when they are Israel’s lapdog, bully, muscle, and financier. How are they supposed to feel about the US being an extension of the far right/zionist Israeli view of foreign policy?


So you don’t think Israel has a right to defend itself if palestinian terrorists are building tunnels to sneak into israel to kidnap or do random attacks?


What is so defensive about one sided murder of innocents by a vastly superior military? No I don’t think they have the right to indsicriminately bomb anything they want to in Gaza. Maybe they wouldn’t be sneaking over if Israel stopped occupying them. Israel should stop terrorizing Gaza. Its ridiculous they have calorie counts for amount of food going into Gaza.


And Israel bombed the Syrian government and not ISIS, once again I can’t blame those who think it’s time for a strike against Israel’s military.


I thought the airstrike was around the airport in damascus where russian made weapons were kept. Perhaps the strike was to prevent ISIS from getting their hands on these weapons?


Hamas evidently decided to invest their time, money and concrete into building tunnels into Israel instead of building shelters for their citizens. You really can’t blame Israel for that, one would think, though perhaps you do.

An apartheid state? Israel has Arabs in its armed forces, government and parliament. How many Jews are in those institutions in the Arab states?


Probably less a matter of Israeli intelligence than the intelligence of the Arab states. When, for example, Hamas murders Egyptians in Sinai, and Egypt blockades Gaza to keep terrorists out, why in the world would Egypt want to give them big weapons?


Can you tell us why, exactly, you want someone to strike Israel militarily? And how do you want someone to do it? Nukes on Tel Aviv? What?


I didn’t say I wanted anyone to strike Israel. It’s just that it’s hard not to sympathise with anyone in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, possibly even Iran, because of all the times Israel has violated there territory and launched strikes. Peace would be nice, but Israel is only interested in it if they get to mandate who can have what weapons.


European and Turkish anti-Semitism?

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