US to send troops to Saudi Arabia, hold off on striking Iran

Cue ominous music…

The thought of the US waging a war in defense of Saudi Arabia is insane, but not unexpected. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen.


What would be the rationale for the U.S. to respond to an attack on another country, in this case Saudi Arabia, without the request for help or a response by that country’s military?


The rationale is that Mike Pompeo, Bolton, etc., have been waiting for any excuse at all to attack Israel’s current worst enemy.

The fact of the matter is that we have no business being involved in disputes, wasting the lives of US soldiers, defending the likes of Israel or Saudi Arabia. Both of these nations have been just as much “bad actors” as their enemies. The US defending either of them enables them to continue their bad behavior.

We don’t waste human lives for oil. No commander-in-chief with a conscience can justify it.


the same reason we do anything in the middle east



Seems a natural move by a sitting administration struggling to hold their head above water in the polls leading to an election.

If the economy stumbles, there is division amongst Americans.
If scandal erupts, there is division amongst Americans.

But a conflict or war…throw some of our best and brightest youth into a fray as cannon fodder, and Americans come together, not for the sake of the struggling politician(s) but for the sake of those being put up for potential sacrifice in the name of patriotism.

Time to coach grandchildren on bone spurs…it may keep them out of harms way in the short run, but will not interfere with their golf game later in life!


he is being attacked from his friends as being weak by letting iran get away with the strike.

he is being attacked from his enemies for being aggressive for doing something to deter iran without going to war

this man can’t win


Sadly, this man shouldn’t win…but look around…he may very well…just as some of the most notorious despots in history have, who played to the emotions of the foolish.

yet, every president has, IMHO

why have we orchestrated regime changes?

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It would take a sociopath to expend the lives of soldiers for any cause other than human safety. While there may be economic benefits to any offensive action, the action is never justified unless we are saving lives or protecting lives we value.

There are no counterexamples that I can think of.

This may well be seen as an act preserving the peace.

Yes, what goes on in Saudi Arabia is their business, not ours. I think the Yemen war has seen, from all the opinions I pick up on, as having major wrongdoing by the Saudis.

The Houthis by the way, just announced they would no longer target Saudi Arabia, hopefully, that conflict can come to an end. Undeniably, imho, bad conduct is surely to be found on both sides.

Sometimes, you preserve relative peace with a show of strength.

I think we are far from war; unless for some reason, Iran just insists that we have a war.

Pompeo and Trump have done much to preserve peace in the world.

Months ago, I brought up “sanctions” in the social justice forum here and this is apparently, what Iran is upset about.

I’m not for sanctions unless it is an absolute must. In this situation, it may be a must but I hope it doesn’t hurt the so-called “common people”.

I don’t think they are the ones flying 757’s into our buildings here.


who should win?

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Might be seen in light of the petrodollar.

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