US warns Syria after regime airstrikes land near special operations forces


The Pentagon warned the Syrian government against carrying out airstrikes near U.S. and allied personnel Friday, one day after attacks caused the U.S. to scramble jets to protect special operations forces.

Navy Capt. Jeff Davis said the U.S. has increased combat air patrols in that area and has warned Syria that America will defend coalition troops. He also said he believes this is the first time the U.S. has scrambled aircraft in response to an incident like this involving Syrian government bombings.

“We view instances that place coalition personnel at risk with the utmost seriousness, and we do have the inherent right of self-defense,” Davis said.

Davis said a small number of U.S. commandos were in the area Thursday training and advising Syrian Democratic Forces. The Syrian government strikes, he said, “did not directly impact our forces. They were nearby — close enough that it gives us great pause.”


Gee, maybe US Troops ought not be in Syria ?




U.S. Planes Scrambled Over Syria

WASHINGTON, Aug. 19, 2016 — U.S. planes were scrambled yesterday over northeastern Syria after two Syrian air force SU-24 attack planes conducted strikes near Hasakah while coalition forces were conducting operations there as part of Operation Inherent Resolve, Defense Department spokesman Navy Capt. Jeff Davis said today.

The airstrikes were preceded by a couple of days of clashes on the ground that involved artillery, Davis told reporters at the Pentagon this morning.

“It troubles us when we see …regime airstrikes in Hasakah in an area where it’s well known by everybody, to include the [Bashar al-Assad] regime, that the coalition is actively engaged in operations against [the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant,” he said.

“We view instances that place coalition personnel at risk with the utmost seriousness,” Davis added, “and we do have the inherent right of self-defense when U.S. forces are at risk.”

Davis said this is the first time U.S. planes have been scrambled in response to Syrian bombing, and that the coalition has never before seen the Assad regime take such action against the mainly Kurdish YPG.


And meanwhile, the Russians and Syrian Forces are attacking the rebels whom we’re supporting.

last week former CIA Deputy Director under George Bush, Michael Morell, who apologized to Colin Powell for the flawed intel on WMD’s in Iraq, called for President Obama to help the rebels more. He recently endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

If Obama and Hillary follow Morell’s advice, we’ll be at war with Russia in less than two years.



The US will be playing a weaker hand than the last time they seriously threatened Syria 3 years. Russia has strengthened it’s position there since then, the government is cozying up to China, and Turkey is now less reliable an ally.


Have I fallen into a time warp and it’s
Vietnam “Deja Vu all over again” ? ( thanks Yogi… )
Don’t we EVER learn ANYTHING ???


Oh, but we are the all-mighty “defenders of human rights” and the “beacon of hope and freedom” for everyone else (and yet we don’t focus on all the problems in our country). :rolleyes:

I’m no tactician, but I don’t think we need to have troops on the ground when Americans can be safe otherwise. Of course, that’s probably an overgeneralization. :shrug:

Unfortunately, many of the veterans who go there and come back will not be cared for, even after they served their country and were probably even injured.


No. We should have known before Vietnam, too (we were involved in many minor wars in Asia in the late 19th century). From the American Revolution onwards, we just can’t mind our own business:

Spanish philosopher George Santayana said: “Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it.” This is true with the history of our country.


We haven’t learned anything other than voting for what makes us feel good.



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