USA - TIBET - CHINA - Beijing furious as Obama receives the Dalai Lama [AN]


The American leader confirmes his meeting with the head of Tibetan Buddhism, but “in private”. Beijing reacts with the usual formula: “a gross interference in China’s domestic politics.” The Dalai Lama compliments Xi Jinping for fight against corruption, but urges him to “give justice” to over 1 billion Chinese.



Well, too darn bad.


Good for Obama, the spineless English Government caved into the Chinese demands and would not meet or greet the Dalai Lama in England because they did not want to offend the Chinese. These are just Bullying tactics, who do they think they are in telling Leaders of Countries who they should meet and who they should not meet this obviously works for there own people, but it wont work around the world- sorry it works with the Spineless.


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