USAID Vows Inclusion in Fight Against Extreme Poverty


WASHINGTON, Jan 30 (IPS) - The United States’ main foreign aid funder, USAID, released a mission statement Wednesday that includes new focus on ending extreme poverty while also promising to be more inclusive in incorporating civil society and other input in its decision-making.

“We partner to end extreme poverty and promote resilient, democratic societies while advancing our security and prosperity,” the agency’s new mission statement now reads, putting a greater emphasis on the link between extreme poverty and strong and democratic states.[pullquote]3[/pullquote]


Here is another version of the same news article. I found it to be easier to read:

USAID said that their new mission statement won’t change what it does, but will change how the agency plans and operates its programs. Quoting some of the news article:

A USAID spokesperson told IPS that the new mission statement “is about how we do what we do and it’s the core of who we are and what we have always done over 50 years.”

Alex Thier, USAID’s assistant to the administrator, told a panel discussion here on Tuesday that the agency will undergo a major process of inclusion over the next year. This will see USAID increasingly welcoming input from civil society, think tanks and affected stakeholders in its efforts to implement the post-2015 global development agenda.

*USAID says it will need to “scale existing partnerships and develop new ones to draw in fresh perspectives and innovative thinking”. This expansion is part of a new effort that Thier said is “meant to provoke thought” by bringing in new perspectives and views.

The new perspectives are likely to come from universities, research institutes and non-governmental organisations, Thier said.*

Here is the mission statement of USAID. It is lengthy. :o


How will USAid handle potential fraud and the diversion of millions (if not billions) in funds?


Sadly, the same way they’ve always handled it…by sending even more US taxpayer money.


Why are people so cynical whenever it comes to helping end extreme poverty?


How do we know it is helping?


That’s the thing saying you’re helping is completely different from actually helping.


The alternative is to do nothing to alleviate these crimes against humanity.


When what you are doing helps nobody but the elites it is not really different than doing nothing.


Because “let me help you” coming out of the mouth of a government in connection to helping the poor, particularly those in other countries, really means “do it my way and I’ll give you money [no need to actually use it to fix your poverty issues], do it your way and I’ll find a stick to beat you with.”


Yes, that sort of “top down” assistance suffers from inaccurate understanding of local conditions, resulting in programs which are ill-designed to meet the needs of the local people.

I think (and perhaps I am wrong) the new mission statement from USAID signals the intent to work with NGOs which are already established in the area to be served.


False dichotomy. It isn’t either funnel money via USAID or do nothing. There are other options that don’t involve enriching tyrants.


USAID is not a whole lot more than the marketing arm of the contraception industry. They do some short term good as well as the bad, but they screw up as much as they achieve.

The best development assistance agency of the US government is actually the United States Navy. Never before in the history of the world have the seas been so free for commerce and that fact has brought unbelievable benefits to nearly every corner of the world. Makes me wonder what will happen in the fairly near future when we can’t afford it anymore.


Because USAID supports pushing artificial contraception. See here about Georgia. See here about Romania (just two examples).

Because USAID supports and provides cover for organizations that push abortion (and if that pesky law against US foreign aid being used to perform abortions, you can trust that they’d do that, as well). See the official USAID website for more.

Because, as a matter of official Obama Administration policy, USAID pushes countries into liberalizing laws to allow rampant homosexual conduct. See this from The Telegraph. (If you don’t remember them threatening Uganda all on your own).

For those three reasons alone, no Catholic should support USAID. Not until they change their tune so as not to promote immorality.

Don’t get me wrong: I think that providing assistance to help build infrastructure, improve education, and help other countries learn to stand on their own (so that those other countries’ populations don’t feel a need to migrate because of economic pressures) is a really good thing and is perfectly consistent with the principles of solidarity and subsidiarity. But the US Government, particularly with the morally corrupt Obama Administration (not that prior administrations were perfect…not hardly…), has proven that its agenda has little or nothing to do with helping other countries build up, its agenda is to support corrupt friendly governments and to help spread American cultural decadence.


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