USArmy: Ebola virus can go airborne in low temperatures [Fr. Z]


Not good news from info wars.

Ebola can go airborne but hasn’t in West Africa because it’s too warm, researchers conclude

Ebola can spread by air in cold, dry weather common to the U.S. but not West Africa, presenting a “possible, serious threat” to the public, according to two studies by U.S. Army scientists.

After successfully exposing monkeys to airborne Ebola, which “caused a rapidly fatal disease in 4-5 days,” scientists with theU.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases(USAMRIID) concluded Ebola can spread through air but likely hasn’t in Equatorial Africa because the region is too warm, with temperatures rarely dropping below 65°F.

“We… demonstrated aerosol transmission of Ebola virus at lower temperature and humidity than that normally present in sub-Saharan Africa,” the 1995 study entitled*Lethal Experimental Infections of Rhesus Monkeys by Aerosolized Ebola Virus*reported. “Ebola virus sensitivity to the high temperatures and humidity in the thatched, mud, and wattle huts shared by infected family members in southern Sudan and northern Zaire may have been a factor limiting aerosol transmission of Ebola virus in the African epidemics.”

“Both elevated temperature and relative humidity have been shown to reduce the aerosol stability of viruses.”

The study also referred to the 1989 Ebola outbreak at a primate quarantine facility in Reston, Va., in which the virus rapidly spread between unconnected rooms.

“While infections in adjacent cages may have occurred by droplet contact, infections in distant cages suggests aerosol transmission, as evidence of direct physical contact with an infected source could not be established,” the study added.

It is interesting to note this outbreak occurred in*December 1989, when*temperatures in Reston were usually below freezing, and it’s unlikely the indoor temperature in the vast quarantine facility was much higher.

A 2012 study also by the USAMRIID, which exposed monkeys to an airborne filovirus similar to Ebola, reached a similar conclusion to the 1995 study.

“There is no strong evidence of secondary transmission by the aerosol route in African filovirus outbreaks; however, aerosol transmission is thought to be possible and may occur in conditions of lower temperature and humidity which may not have been factors in outbreaks in warmer climates,” the study entitled*A Characterization of Aerosolized Sudan Virus Infection in African Green Monkeys, Cynomologus Macaques and Rhesus Macaques*stated.

The study pointed out that filoviruses, which include Ebola and the Sudan virus used in this particular study, have stability in aerosol form comparable to influenza.

“Filoviruses in aerosol form are therefore considered a possible, serious threat to the health and safety of the public,” it added.

And the Pentagon took this threat of airborne filoviruses so seriously that it organized a*Filovirus Medical Countermeasures Workshop*with the Department of Health and Human Services in 2013.

“The DoD seeks a trivalent filovirus vaccine that is effective against aerosol exposure and protective against filovirus disease for at least one year,” the*executive summary of the workshop*stated.

The Pentagon’s concern with airborne Ebola runs contrary to health officials who claim the disease can’t spread through coughing and sneezing, but according to the Army studies, that may only be true in tropical climates.

“How much airborne transmission will occur will be a function of how well Ebola induces coughing and sneezing in its victims in cold weather climates,” the web site**suggested. “Coughing and nasal bleeding are both reported symptoms in Africa, so the worst should be expected.”

More there.

If we do not ask for miracles, God will not grant them.


Be an intercessor.

Ask God to avert this terrible disease and the consequences it will bring.

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This is not good. I’m not sure I trust Info Wars but if this is true then I wouldn’t doubt it if the virus could continue to mutate to where it could much more easily spread via air.


At a glance, I see these two scientific studies don’t support the title of the article. The author of the article takes a couple scientific studies and twists words to support and suggest that colder dryer air causes ebola virus to go airborne.

I would be more concerned about the impending flu season and the dangers that brings.


THURSDAY, Oct. 23, 2014 (HealthDay News) – Riding a bus or an elevator full of sniffles, coughs and sneezes is one of the more unpleasant aspects of the flu season.

Those same coughs and sneezes can be downright terrifying these days, given that the Ebola epidemic in West Africa has spread a tendril into the United States with the first diagnosed cases in Dallas.

But people face no threat from Ebola due to these public sniffles, according to a panel of Ebola experts gathered by the New England Journal of Medicine for an issue briefing Wednesday.

The evidence from this epidemic, and prior Ebola outbreaks, strongly suggests that the deadly virus cannot be transmitted through a cough or sneeze, said Dr. Armand Sprecher, a public health specialist with the aid organization Doctors Without Borders.

“If there were significant airborne transmission, we would see spontaneously generated cases that were not linked to a known case. There would be cases of casual transmission,” Sprecher said in response to questions from health professionals.

When experts investigate how people have contracted Ebola, “it inevitably tracks back to a significant exposure” involving direct contact with either a very sick person or a dead body teeming with the virus, Sprecher said.

That’s why new guidelines for health care workers treating Ebola patients focus on full-body suits that leave no exposed skin, said Dr. Arjun Srinivasan, associate director for healthcare-associated infection prevention programs at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“The best evidence that we have suggests that the overwhelming route of transmission is through contact with contaminated fluids with broken skin or mucous membranes,” Srinivasan said.



Ebola in the air? A nightmare that could happen

Ebola is an RNA virus, which means every time it copies itself, it makes one or two mutations. Many of those mutations mean nothing, but some of them might be able to change the way the virus behaves inside the human body.
“Imagine every time you copy an essay, you change a word or two. Eventually, it’s going to change the meaning of the essay,” said Dr. C.J. Peters, one of the heroes featured in “The Hot Zone.”

That book chronicles the 1989 outbreak of Ebola Reston, which was transmitted among monkeys by breathing. In 2012, Canadian researchers found that Ebola Zaire, which is involved in the current outbreak, was passed from pigs to monkeys in the air.
Dr. James Le Duc, the director of the Galveston National Laboratory at the University of Texas, said the problem is that no one is keeping track of the mutations happening across West Africa, so no one really knows what the virus has become.

One group of researchers looked at how Ebola changed over a short period of time in just one area in Sierra Leone early on in the outbreak, before it was spreading as fast as it is now. They found more than 300 genetic changes in the virus.

“It’s frightening to look at how much this virus mutated within just three weeks,” said Dr. Pardis Sabeti, an associate professor at Harvard and senior associate member of the Broad Institute, where the research was done.


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This is no surprise to me. Just the fact that viruses can mutate so readily makes them have this potential. That changes in temperature and humidity can be a factor seems like common sense. This is concerning to say the least.

In reality I think the CDC knows this, but part of their efforts are to minimize public panic. I would rather have the truth and take the needed precautions. Now that the virus has crossed into this country, we need to be honestly informed, not toyed with via false claims and promises.


It’s only conjecture but I’m guessing this “discovery” came about because the US brought its soldiers back from West Africa to be quarantined near (in) DC (with the cooler temperatures, especially now that it’s fall). We’re not going to learn what happened to these soldiers until long after the experiment is complete. I’m glad we can learn something from these folks but I’m sad for the price they have to pay.


There is no case in recorded history of a virus like this changing its mode of transmission. Of course mutations occur but the chances of it going airborne are practically zero.


Another yet different view


Adding this to the mix

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) “Global Tuberculosis Report 2014″ details how 9 million people developed TB last year and 1.5 million died, including approximately 360,000 individuals who were HIV positive.
These numbers are difficult for my mind to wrap around.


from post #8:

It’s only conjecture but I’m guessing this “discovery” came about because the US brought its soldiers back from West Africa to be quarantined near (in) DC (with the cooler temperatures, especially now that it’s fall). We’re not going to learn what happened to these soldiers until long after the experiment is complete. I’m glad we can learn something from these folks but I’m sad for the price they have to pay.

I have to wonder what kind and how many vaccines the soldiers going over there were given? If they are indeed being sent as some kind of experiment – good Lord!
We know the US govt has experimented on US citizens in the past.

Pray for peace and the epidemic to end



I am exceedingly curious to hear what physician CAF members have to say about this.

According to the United States government’s National Center for Biotechnology Information website, the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases conducted lethal experiments on Rhesus monkeys with aerosolized Ebola virus in 1995. They invented an airborne form of Ebola as a weapon. Somebody please, please tell me I’ve misunderstood the following medical abstract and full text:


The potential of aerogenic infection by Ebola virus was established by using a head-only exposure aerosol system. Virus-containing droplets of 0.8-1.2 microns were generated and administered into the respiratory tract of rhesus monkeys via inhalation. Inhalation of viral doses as low as 400 plaque-forming units of virus caused a rapidly fatal disease in 4-5 days. The illness was clinically identical to that reported for parenteral virus inoculation, except for the occurrence of subcutaneous and venipuncture site bleeding and serosanguineous nasal discharge. Immunocytochemistry revealed cell-associated Ebola virus antigens present in airway epithelium, alveolar pneumocytes, and macrophages in the lung and pulmonary lymph nodes; extracellular antigen was present on mucosal surfaces of the nose, oropharynx and airways. Aggregates of characteristic filamentous virus were present within type I pneumocytes, macrophages, and air spaces of the lung by electron microscopy. Demonstration of fatal aerosol transmission of this virus in monkeys reinforces the importance of taking appropriate precautions to prevent its potential aerosol transmission to humans.


If this was weapons research, do you really think that it would be published in a public medical journal?


Nice find Exiled Child.

What you found is interesting, but I agree with PaulfromIowa that this was not weapons research, or at least it’s nothing more than the most preliminary information. What they did was find something like the minimum number of ebola viruses that were capable of infecting monkeys.

All bacteria and viruses can only infect a host after at least some minimal number of bacteria or viruses are present. If memory serves, in most cases organisms useful for biological warfare require a minimum number of something like 10 or 20, although I could be wrong about that. Rabies is one of the few that can infect with only a single virus being present.

I am not a doctor or a microbiologist, just a science nerd.


The medical contributions by such researchers should be understood as quite a blessing. (As a lay person can appreciate, here and here)


In all fairness, I can find articles that use the quote in the OP:

Headline: EBOLA AIRBORNE? Verified Studies Show Airborne Transmission of Deadly Virus (NIH, Lancet, OSHA) …(Updated)

And others. So I guess it depends on what kind of spin one might put on the analysis.

Lancet and Osha as stated above were also quoted.

If there is a virus out there, I don’t put it outside the realm of possibility that the potential for an airborne version could be studied.


I would hope US defense might want to know what could be thrown out against a population too. We don’t know what an enemy could come up with, so would we want to be then, in a conflict have to go to the research lab to try to find an antidote against such a weapon?

There was the bio-chemical attack in the Japanese subway in, guess what? Around the same year of this study in 1995:

To be prepared, we must understand the dangers out there.


Hey, thanks for those links up above. That first one was from months ago… All I know is, this was news to me. It hadn’t occurred to me to look for Ebola information in such an obvious place until yesterday - stupid me. Still, I find it impossible to believe the US Army invented an insanely deadly pathogen simply in order to protect us from what they themselves had just invented! :rolleyes: Unless I’m missing some crucial piece of information that really doesn’t make any sense. Plus, I think we could both agree that the US Army is about as benevolent as Genghis Khan.


Ebola Reston is an airborne virus but it is not infectious to humans. Ebola Zaire is the virus we are dealing with now is not airborne and the chances of it mutating to become airborne are almost zero.

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