USCCB committee chair welcomes court decision blocking Trump executive order [CC]


The chairman of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee on Migration has issued a statement welcoming an appellate court ruling that halts implementation of portions of President Donald Trump’s executive order on refugees.





:thumbsup: indeed!


But its all a ‘distraction’.


Great to hear that the USCCB chair does not have regard for the rule of law. :rolleyes: Oh, but how odd: he simultaneously says “We respect the rule of law”. :confused:


Recall that Obama had an executive order relating to deportation that was challenged in court by several states. The states ultimately won and Obama’s executive order was overturned. Would you say that process also had no regard for the rule of law? It is apparent that the only difference between these two executive orders being challenged in court is that you like one of them and not the other. In fact, both are instances where the rule of law played out exactly as it was designed.


We can hope that at least Roe v. Wade is one law that the chair does not regard. In context, though, his regard for the appellate ruling upholds Gospel values.

Oh, but how odd: he simultaneously says “We respect the rule of law”. :confused:

It is unconstitutional for one branch of government to be completely autonomous, completely in control of how this nation’s business is conducted. While it is praiseworthy that President Trump intends to protect the nation, the travel ban is selective in a way that is truly unjust, and his prejudicial words while campaigning were against Christian values.


Both the district court judge and 9th Circuit Court of Appeals completely disregarded clear and established law that gives a president plenary power with respect to the admittance of foreign nationals into the USA. Four judges ruled 180 degrees in contradiction to the law.

The 9th Circuit did not even cite the law in their decision. There is a reason the 9th Circuit now wants to review the case of its own initiative/ by its own motion with all eleven judges (en banc) and asked the DOJ to submit a brief. It is very rare that any court would do this.

Someone on the 9th Circuit realizes they screwed up big time. The decision stands as a shame and embarrassment to the entire judicial system – the 9th Circus especially. At this point, however, what makes the most sense is for Trump to simply reissue a new EO.

I had no idea I needed to be a Democrat, a Socialist and a Open Border/ Open Society proponent in order to be a “Good Catholic”. I am truly sick of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church inserting itself into political issues and advocating political platforms.

Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, indeed. From what I can tell, the Catholic Church now belongs to Caesar. 1.6 Billion dollars to Catholic Charities. For that type of money, I, too, might become an advocate of refugee resettlement and Islamic jihad. Not.


More anti-Catholic garbage.


Exactly what, and please be specific, is truly unjust? Or even unconstitutional?


Oh, and by the way, this is what our tax dollars are being spent on. Ten million dollars could go a long way towards addressing issues of veterans, health care, homelessness, US power grid and infrastructure, education and a whole series matters that need taking care of.


If that is the case, why has the administration decided not to challenge this “clear violation of law” in the Supreme Court? It is apparent that Trump knows he would lose. But then I guess we can’t trust any judges to know what is so obvious to us average citizens.


The money that will be wasted on a stupid wall would go a long way toward those issues too.


Your lack of confidence in the integrity of our priests and bishops is disturbing.


Yes, I agree money should not be wasted on a stupid wall. It shall be spent on a sound, stable wall. :wink:


Jesus was outraged by the hypocrisy of the religious leaders of his time, so I will take that as a compliment. (Only Christ used a whole lot stronger language than I am using here – something along the lines of brood of vipers and whitewashed tombs.) I am in good company – very good company. Is the “bad Catholic” label supposed to give you power over me? Or somehow shame me? “Bad Catholic” and “anti-Catholic” are about as good as “racist”, “bigot”, “Islamophobic” and “sexist.” Perhaps it is long past time to braid a whip and drive out the money changers from the temple.


With each passing day a new low.




We’re sick of your accusations. For real


Priests and bishops are no less susceptible to having lapses of integrity than the lay people as they are sinners too.

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