USCCB Condemns Separating Immigrant Children from Families



The problem is that legal asylees are legally entering through legal ports and legally petitioning for asylum. I’ve linked to these cases ad nauseum.

Great. Cite the stats!

Even then, there’s no explaining away the injustice toward asylees.


Oh good grief. Do NOT paint Trump as an ally to our faith. :roll_eyes: My son’s homemade slime can stretch farther than that attempt. The man is a womanizer.


My point is accurate, that many parents don’t know exactly where their child is located when placed in foster care. I think child safety is the prime reason.

What point did you think you were making? Sometimes it’s best to just make it, and skip vague innuendos.
I looked at the bill summary and don’t see anything relevant.


It’s not. Sessions admitted that it was just to “get the message out” that they’re not welcome. The feds effectively are using babies and children as political pawns.


Please don’t quote me when you are changing the subject.

Parents in custody are not told the exact location of their child as a matter of policy, for the child’s protection.


How would you describe such a fallacy then? I agree that we tend to over use words, so maybe there is a better way to say the same thing. In any case, the economy of a country is not zero-sum, meaning, it is not fixed. More people working can increase the GNP. More efficient means of production can increase GNP. I think every bishop in the United States, who have been considered ignorant and uninformed, understand this much at least.

No, we choose to spend money elsewhere, specifically, the military, despite the fact that we already are the largest in the world. We are not “largest” enough.


You are switching figures. The current discussion, for which something like this sort of monitoring was suggested, was for those families with children, not half a million people. Using your own figure of $6000 a year to monitor a parent, it would be cheaper than just 10 days of incarcerating a child, 5 days if there are two children, etc.

This whole idea that we are broke and can’t afford to have immigrants begs the question as to whether immigrants cost, first , and whether they cost more than enforcement, second.


That is the problem here. Whatever one believes about immigration can be a matter of “prudence” to use a term misused a lot in this discussion, but it should not be immoral. What is happening now is immoral.


Absolutely. Children are not very good liars. It should not be taken at face value, but verifying this should not be sen as an obstacle. Those caught trying to use a child in such a way could then be treated as the child traffickers they are. The child then could be fostered, or housed until family can be found, from the native country primarily, here, secondarily. Those that are orphans will present a special challenge, one that might be met by non-profit groups.


In definite is a better term. Still there is was no end seen when ICE ratcheted up this enforcement. They do not know where are the parents of all the children or, and visa versa. So in this, ICE is nothing like the Nazi SS. They were at least organized and kept good records.


“Asylum” is basically a magic word used in an attempt to gain access to the US. These folks didn’t go to a port of entry and ask for asylum because they are being threatened by the government, etc… They wandered across the border and then, when caught, cry asylum. These aren’t, for example, Jews fleeing Hitler’s regime or Stalin’s pogroms. They aren’t former residents of Iran from before the Islamic theocracy, members of the “White Russians” during the revolution, or similar.

They are people who have wandered in for economic reasons, just like the folks who came to the US from Europe. The difference is those folks wound up going through ports of entry and went through the process to become citizens. They didn’t just wander in.

With regard to ensuring that the children are actually theirs, would almost have to DNA test the whole lot of folks.


Then vote accordingly in the next elections and abide by the results. We are a republic.


That is a given. I do not understand the point.


The intent wasn’t to change the subject but to correct you, and I’ll quote you as often as I need to for that purpose.

Keeping parents in the dark about their children is not keeping these children safer. It’s a power play.


No. It’s not a “magic word.” It’s a legal term.

Actually,40-49% of them arrived legally.

I’m curious - what is your Magic Number? How many deaths does it take before you find fleeing one’s country morally acceptable?


I think that pretty much every Right wing talking point has been successfully debunked in this analysis.


You have no clue about how the current system operates and why.
The parents are in jail or perhaps detention for a reason
More than a few parents have arranged for their children to be ‘kidnapped’ while they are in the responsibility of the state. Fostering parents need the piece of mind that their address has not been shared.


An article on migrants from CA.
Mexico does offer asylum status and aid, as they are required to do by UN agreement.
Going further north is about chasing gold


I would volunteer to separate myself from my children for up to 20 days if I thought it would help stop human sex trafficking on the Mexico border.


For those interested, KPRC has an interview from Monday on their visit to the border.

After listening to this, I am reminded how much I like Cardinal Dinardo. He understands the art of political compromise.

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