USCCB- international affairs?

(Since one of the forum topics is “Vatican rules” I thought this might be the right place to post this…)

Can anyone think of a reason why a national conference of catholic bishops needs a department of international affairs? Do the US bishops have a mandate to deal with international affairs, or is that Rome’s job? :confused:

Am I wrong in this nagging feeling I have that the USCCB is slowly usurping the authority of the Holy See?

Are you referring to the Office of International Justice and Peace? I’m not an expert in Vatican documents, but I think there are a limited number specific things that a national conference is mandated to do by Rome, such as certain liturgical issues. Anything else a national conference chooses to take upon itself is its own affair. If the USCCB wants to set up an office that helps advocate for US-based foreign missions in whatever way, or tries to influence Congress and the president on US foreign policy, I don’t see a problem.

Is there a particular action by the USCCB that you object to?

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