USCCB Issues Guidelines for Use of Social Media

WASHINGTON (CNS) – The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has issued a set of guidelines for using social media, especially as social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter continue to gain in popularity.


It is encouraging to see strong teaching from the USCCB. I just hope this spills into areas where the teaching is not so vigorous.

One of my pet peeves is in the area of movie reviews where our prevailing culture gets a pass on the ratings of shows. Why would things such as “mild sexual innuendo”, partial nudity or coarse behavior be suitable for any practicing Christian to view? Yet, the ratings often downplay these negatives. Is this so the Catholic reviewer can seem to be more modern or open minded?

We need boldness in support of growth in holiness among our members, and awareness of how our compromises weaken evangelization.

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