USCCB president: Catholic voters should reflect on religious liberty — and attempts to interfere with the Church

USCCB president urging contemplation of importance of continuing to enjoy religious liberty in considering how to vote.

There is no reason to expect that Trump would respect religious freedom after he wanted to ban all members from an entire religion to enter the country (Muslim ban).

I guess that’s not important since it’s a different religion. It seems that religious liberty to many simply means you can be any kind of Christian you want.

Right, suppress everyone else (shrug). But if a leader is not upholding the freedom of all religion, then how can that leader seriously be expected to upholding the freedom of any religion?

He stated that he wanted the ban for Muslims entering the country until they could be properly vetted.

I’m not aware of any effort he has sponsored or that either party has sponsored to infiltrate the Muslim communities in the US with the intention of challenging their beliefs? Or limiting their conduct? Any statements that you’re aware of targeting US citizen or legal immigrant Muslims following their faith?

Since the video is new, I will leave this thread up even though it links to an opinion site.

He wanted a Muslim database.

I thought this was more in the line of news in that it is a report on what USCCB and other church leaders are saying. My apologies if this is inappropriate or against the guidelines and will understand if it is therefore removed.

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To my knowledge Trump has said nothing about–nor has been in approval of or party to–any government imposed programs that limit freedom of religion for people already in this country. Clinton and Obama have done both and their good friends at the Civil Rights Commission and EEOC have certainly taken a stand at trying to redefine religious freedom.

And one might note that leaders of several faith groups, including Muslims, signed the letter sent to President Obama regarding the extreme language that Martin Castro used in his letter attacking religious freedom.

While I fundamentally disagree with Trump’s entire stance on immigration, we’re talking about freedom for people who already in the country and are legal citizens. Freedom of religion should inform our world view but as an actual right enshrined in the US Constitution its only legal application is to US citizens.

Trump may not have a conscience but at least he doesn’t seem interested in telling us that we can’t live by ours.

See post # 7, with link.

A point that would also apply to Barack Obama. Simply ask the Little Sisters of the Poor about how Obama defends their freedom of Religion.

Certainly many statements by Trump about Muslims are troubling, and I’m glad he seems to have walked back many of them. Do you think Hillary should walk back any of her statements or statements made by her team?

A database versus forcing nuns to provide contraception. A database versus forcing taxpayers to fund (directly) abortion. A database versus massive fines against business owners who don’t want to be party to a SSM wedding. A database versus organizations deliberately established to undermine a religion. A database versus comments made by the EEOC and Civil Rights commission that betray an intent to force people not to be allowed to live out their faith, only to attend services.

And another question, Al, are there currently Christian Terrorist groups killing in the name of Christ? Are there people committing murder in the name of Christ? Buddha?

I think your post illustrates why Evangelicals are largely sticking with Trump. He doesn’t hold them in obvious contempt, while Clinton and her supporters do.

Have you even read the link? You do not seem to be aware of the potential implications of a database. History unfortunately reminds us what can happen with such tools.

Anybody who has ever participated in prolife activities is already on a government database. Remember Janet Napolitano who put prolife activists on a “terrorist watch list”?

And besides, the government can easily hack prolife activist organizations member lists, and undoubtedly the Clinton organization has done that. And you don’t even have to hack parish membership online lists, which a lot of parishes have.

A “Muslim database” is a great big nothing.

I see nothing wrong prohibiting members of a religion from entering the US especially when they have the nasty habit of self-detonation. Or some un-holy need to cut off your head if you draw a cartoon of their prophet.

Anyway it is not unconstitutional, that was beat to death months ago.

Heck, anybody who has given to a church or things like the Annual Catholic Appeal in my diocese is already on list because of tax filings.

I am astounded by the lengths some Christians go to in order to rationalize support for a candidate and party that want to drive them into the shadows.

All of the things the dems have already done to curtail religious liberty and the things they and their platform say they will do are somehow distilled to an argument of Clinton’t immigration policy versus Trump’s.

Even if one cannot grasp the gravity of certain matters like abortion and instead employs a checklist mentality, I think dems have now lost that battle, too.

I can’t understand it either. We have a party that is seeking to change religious beliefs, especially Catholics, and Catholics still support this party!!! That’s insanity!!! I will go crazy trying to figure this out. It makes no sense at all!

To be fair, Trump is kind of like Schwarzenegger when he ran for governor. Not a politician, and there is no way of being sure what he’ll actually try and do once he gets in office. But he’s gonna have a lot of opposition- from congress as well as the federal bureaucracy.

Given what the USSCB leaders are saying, it is something to consider. And one doesn’t have to vote for Trump or Hillary. Could be the year to go third party, or just abstain from the prez vote but fill in the down ballot.

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