USCCB president urges President Obama to grant relief from HHS mandate fines [CWN]


The president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has asked President Barack Obama not to implement the fines imposed by the HHS mandate, which went into effect for many …



Praying for the intentions of the USCCB.


Of course I agree with our bishops that the fines should not be imposed, but the whole law needs to be changed or repealed. Given the record of the Obama administration on telling the truth and keeping promises, it would be foolish to just trust him not to enforce the law. We know his opinions are continuously progressing, and putting so much power in the hands of one man invites tyranny. No institution has learned that lesson more times than the Catholic Church.


The thing is, the point in dispute is an administrative decision, not an actual act of Congress. One allowed by the law, but nothing in the law says it has to be the case. If Obama wanted to, he could simply repeal the Sebelius Mandate regulations as a matter of executive discretion, and the ACA would allow it. This sort of regulation is an executive creature, and is part and parcel of the modern administrative state. All Obama needs is the willpower to make that stroke of a pen, and he can end this madness.

Of course, this is unlikely to happen for political reasons, even though many in his Cabinet, I hear tell, urged him to do something much less radical.


This, of course, is one of the really awful things about Obamacare. It basically gives the executive a blank check to do whatever it wants to do.


Most bills authorizing social programs are like that, as are most bills authorizing regulation. It’s also nowhere near the practical power of an executive in a parliamentary system.


No kidding. We could have new regulations with each new president. This president’s pet cause is birth control, the next president will have their own pet causes. And politics will determine what, if any, coverage all the losers in this game get stuck with.


I agree, but I do think Obamacare is in a class all by itself when it comes to delegation (abdication) of legislative power and responsibility.

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