USCCB releases resource guide on Girl Scouts for Catholic parishes- CNS


Concerns have been raised about the Girl Scouts’ relationship with Planned Parenthood and the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, known as WAGGGS. There also have been questions about the organization’s policy on human sexuality and contraception and its program materials and resources.

The bishops’ committee spent a year gathering information about concerns and another year in dialogue with Girl Scout leaders in an effort to clarify the issues.

“The exchanges between USCCB staff and GSUSA staff were pleasant, informative and respectful. GSUSA staff was generous with their time, indicated a strong desire and willingness to work more closely with the Catholic Church in the United States,” said the committee, noting that the resource materials are not only posted on the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops website,, but also the Girl Scouts site,

In providing the information it obtained, the committee said the decision for Catholics to participate or not in Girl Scouts is a local one and that “diocesan bishops have the final authority over what is appropriate for Catholic Scouting in their dioceses.”

This material “does not intend to be exhaustive,” the committee noted, nor was it an attempt to “make decisions or set out national norms.”

A Catholic News Service (CNS) story.

Something to watch.


So… I don’t have to feel guilty eating samoas? (Yes, I’m one of those rare people who’s not completely in love with thin mints)


News item:
There are thieves, bandits and robbers swarming around every grocery store and financial district in the United States. Beware of these sinister crooks. They carry three weapons that nobody can resist: cookies, a smile and their youth.
Assumed Name: Girl Scout.

A typical theft carries this systemic pattern:

1- Unsuspecting adult approach a grocery store. These bandits simply smile and politely say, “Would you like a box of cookies?” Grown men with thick skin who are battle hardened veterans, old women and men, the busy-busy businessman can barely resist this devious pattern.

2- Cold hearts melt into pools of fond memories and true affection for the sinister thieves.

3- Money is happily delivered into their hands. “Oh thank you so much mister for helping us!” They smile and then the shy one in the background finally comes forth. The process is repeated.

4- You return home with an empty wallet and another car full of cookies. “I’ll give them away to my friends.” thinks you. Your spare bedroom already has more cookies than the state of Minnesota could consume in three days.

5- “Why oh why do I submit to this highway robbery every year?” you cry. You smile and say, “I’ll do it again just one more time.”

6- Next year your repeat the process and there is more highway robbery.

7- Men do not be surprised if that fine woman to whom you are married was once an outside-the- grocery store robber. They make great wives and mothers.


Haretic!!! :D:D




News Item:


Dateline: USA Today and every year since the beginning of the Girl Scouts

All across America men are coming home from work. Tired, hungry and ready to play with the children and spend quality time with the wife; do the dishes fella. Then their daughter who was only a year old just yesterday approaches him. “Daddy, can we talk?” “Sure pumpkin.”, as you lift her onto your lap. Mom is lurking in the background, in the shadows, knowing that the prey is caught.

“Well princess, what do you want to talk about?” And so it progresses. First she is recruited into this criminal organization. Then she is trained. Daddy is the first victim. Your heart melts. The next day you are carrying five boxes of cookies to work-- you are in the shackles of those little slave drivers. You ask your worker friends first and then you find yourself in departments which you have never been and everyone there is a stranger. They simply see you and say, “I’ll take three Samosas, four thin mints, and four five and six of those, these and these.” And so it goes on. You have been enslaved by a band of completely lovable eight year olds. You repeat the pattern ever year thereafter until she hits college. Does it stop then? Can you say, “Hello my Girl Scout granddaughter.”?

Sure you volunteered. Sure she is you now eight year old daughter. Sure your father was also enslaved when your sister was young, your grandfather also, and your son will be also. Men get used to it. You are a slave to your passions, shackled by your love for children and your desire to increase the common good. Who can resist those lovable little thieves in their green uniforms? All men with money wear those shackles, with joy.

Single guys, think you are set free? Can you say, “My buddy’s daughter is now a Girl Scout.” You too will submit to the lash of her polite request. As you bow down to hand her four-foot-self the cash, you will realize that she is holding a gossamer, Samosa thread tied to your neck shackle. Wait until you have daughters. The rest of us already know your fate.

Beware they are on the loose everywhere-- supported by the media, skittering back and forth in open daylight, the police are in collusion and take no action. All adults are open to their sinister and devious, yearly attacks.


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