USCCB Responds to Obama's Transgender Mandate for Schools


Glad swimming against the current’s still a thing. :thumbsup:

Obama’s daughters and wife will never have to wonder about using a toilet in their schools because they go to private schools. And all, when in Target (like they shop in Target) have no fear because the Secret Service will always be with them to make sure NO ONE, transgender or not, has access when they might be using the facility.

Ditto for guns. I’ll give up mine when Obama tells the Secret Service he wants them to use pepper spray. :thumbsup:

They didn’t really say much of anything. More like, “we’ll wait and see what happens”.

I can tell them now what will happen; people will pee and poop in the bathroom just like they always do and will typically mind their own business while doing so. The people that do the assaulting are usually cis-gendered men and they do it wherever they think they can get away with it. Public bathrooms are about the stupidest place to do it because you are essentially trapped with cameras surrounding every exit.

I do predict at least one transgender person will get killed as a result of this nonsense. The winds seem to be blowing in that direction. Be mindful of your rhetoric.

Good for them! :slight_smile:

This is a very holy, well-thought reply to the current situation, and I thank God that the USSCB has been able to publish it.

May God bless you all! :slight_smile:


Pretty much lol :thumbsup:

This affirms my pride in being Catholic. :thumbsup:

It is wonderful seeing the proactive role of the Church in speaking out for the protection of our young people. :thumbsup: The US Government and the Democratic Party could learn a lot from the USCCB when it comes to protecting children. :thumbsup:

I am confused by their response… can someone explain to me what exactly I should feel about this situation?

Their response was Orthodox, yet compassionate. The letter speaks the truth without being “hateful” or “bigoted”

In other words … It gave the sodomites zero ammunition

That’s not all, by a long shot. Advertise to 15 million teenage boys that if they want to start venturing into girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms, the school will consider it their civil right.

I’ll agree that typically, a boy will continue doing what he’s been doing. Heck, I doubt that five out of a hundred would go in and freak out some fourteen-year-old girl, or expose himself to her, or show signs of being aroused in her presence.

Not even ONE out of a hundred will do it in a year. That’s less than 150,000. Young girls. Emotionally assaulted.

I teach high school boys. I have sons and daughters. Boys can be idiots or worse. This is an unacceptable disaster, and parents must rise up. I expect that they will.

All of these can be expressed without infringing on legitimate concerns about privacy and security on the part of the other young students and parents. The federal regulatory guidance issued on May 13 does not even attempt to achieve this balance.

That is the most disgusting fact about the President/Attorney General’s perspective. No worries whatever about trauma to your run-of-the-mill girl, or simple reflection on why the H we ever offered them the privacy of a girls’ room in the first place. For the past couple centuries.

Does he have daughters? Does he have any empathy whatever? It just brings home the truth that, whatever his love for America, he doesn’t seem to love Americans very much.

It would have been significant if they refused to comply! Rattling off doctrine to the government is like spitting into the wind, at best it will come back in your face.


It is good to see the Church standing up to the bully Yankees. The right is stronger than might.

Dear Target:

I walk my 12-year-old daughter to your restroom and wait outside the door. A young man walks in after her.
What are my options?

Dear Mr. President, and Dear High School Principal:

Can you guarantee that your policy will not result in my young daughter’s being exposed to male genitalia against her will?

Unfortunately, we are living under an administration that has taken the divisions in our country and made them sharper and deeper, largely through federal strong-arming of local government. Eight years ago, when all this czar-making started, little did I realize the aptness of the term. There is no attempt to balance safety and the rights of all, not just those who are sexually confused.

While I think see the battle of the bathroom as ridiculous as you do, the actions on the part of this administration are as harmful and ridiculous as that which the states are doing. Unfortunately, the President lacks the wisdom to see this is not the way to respond. You do not fight fire with fire, but fire with water; emotionalism with rationalism.

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