USCCB to eager to pronounce Biden as Pres Elect

Why has the USCCB jumped the gun and congratulated JB on becoming the president elect? He is not the PE yet. Could it be that the USCCB leans so far to the left that it welcomes a Biden presidency?

When Trump won the election four years ago, the USCCB was much quicker to congratulate him: November 9, the day after the election.


This election is very different. With the possibility of widespread election fraud one might want to wait until after there is a clear winner. The Chairman of the national election committee is on record saying this was not a fair election.

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Don’t say that! The total not bias folks at Politifact and told me that election fraud doesn’t happen
(In spite of reading the affidavits myself, and coming to the conclusion myself that it does)
By the way, Biden is not the President Elect. Article II doesn’t give the Associated Press the right to announce who the president will be.

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I have no doubt that a few hundred votes were fraudulent.

It is time to move beyond that fake news, misinformation, and lies. It was all part of Donald Trump’s strategy to shift blame if he loses. Nothing more. Let it go.

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I think it’s because they recognise reality when they see it. Biden is now considered the president elect by every major media source in the US and internationally, including those traditionally favourable to Trump; by former US presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama; by at least four Republican US senators; by the pope, the prime minsters of the UK, Australia, Canada, and Japan, the presidents of France, Turkey, South Korea, and Ireland, the chancellor of Germany, and the king of Saudi Arabia.

But there really is not “possibility of widespread election fraud”. That is just something Donald Trump says. Every time he says it, mainstream media sources explain that there is no evidence for it.

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And any other losing candidate would have conceded.


Really? If you believe in mainstream media you may as well believe in Santa Clause.

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